thank for your gift and advice

Submitted By: midhell
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I made a ritual to connect with Bune because my situation is not very comfortable and I was looking for sorcery for the money, I have the feeling that Bune was inviting me to evoke it although I do not know if the result was correct, I received money for medicine and the next day a friend asked me a favor and paid me.

The next thing that happened to me was crazy, I won in sports betting without investing so much money, about 500 dollars to be exact but I think that throughout the week it has put me in situations to reflect and I feel that it advises me that I have to change some things of my life about my financial status

I am very grateful for this experience and I have decided to make them an altar exclusively for Bune, for my lands it is difficult to find people who have had experience with Bune so I will always speak well of this spirit.

Thanks for everything Bune.

PD: sorry for my grammar, my English is not good.