Thank you

Submitted By: Always Grateful
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I had been having some difficult times again, so I summoned Bune last Sunday. I made her a cup of tea, offered her some water and a shot of rum.
I lit and green candle and some sandalwood incense. I chanted her enn 108 times and could feel her presence about halfway through the chant.
I like to talk to the Duchess as if she is an old friend. I explained my financial problems to her in tears. I was making no money at my current restaurant job and cash tips are extremely rare. (All credit card tips are on a paycheck.)

On Monday, I made almost $500 (with $16 in cash)! And the next night, I received a $60 cash tip! I am so grateful for her help!

Thank you!

Hail Bune!