Thank you, Bune!

Submitted By: A girl with a job
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

So I knew I needed a job. Badly. I had read stories about Bune and had researched on Bune, and so decided to evoke Bune and enter a contract.

The basic gist of the contract was that Bune should help me get a job at a specific wage range with a specific amount of hours a week. It should be in a pleasant and fun space, and the work shouldn’t be too difficult.

I set the deadline for the 15th October. I contacted Bune the 13th September, partially using some of the steps outlined on this website, partially with stuff that felt right. I gave Bune apples, oranges, wine, and cinnamon.

Once I felt like I had Bune’s agreement and approval, I started applying for jobs. I only ended up applying to 3. The very same day I applied to one of them, they called and asked me to go to an interview the following day. It was the shortest job interview I’ve ever been to – and honestly, I thought I wouldn’t get the job. But I did!

My first day was on the deadline too. Everyone was extremely pleasant, the pay was a little lower than I would’ve liked, but the hours are great and the benefits are pretty good. The job is pretty much what I’ve asked for!

So, thank you Bune. Thank you so much!