Thank you Bune!

Submitted By: Magick Dogg
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Since the start of COVID19 and the world going looney tunes, I have had a premonition that any magick people practice at this time, is going to be boosted and much more intense. So I kept having these hunches that there are codes to reality and I began to explore Key of Solomon and Lesser Key of Solomon. Did a meditation, pathworking with Bune and within a week Bune had a new laptop for my work for me. I also got paid from a deadbeat client and I have had some dreams with Bune protecting me from toxic people.

Every since the beginning of working with his/her Sigil I felt both male and female energy from Bune and a lot of warmth and love. My perception began to be much clearer and overall, I have had a good time with Bune. I love lighting a candle, pouring a couple of glasses of rum, cutting up a couple of plates of oranges, lighting some incense and celebrating a drink and a snack with Bune.

For some reason, Bune wants me to call her/him “Byoo -nee” so that is what I call my sweet “algorithm” or “code” or “daemon” or “genius”.

Thank you Bune, I love you. 🙂