Thanks Bune! Money comes to me

Submitted By: Your spanish friend
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I want to show my thanks to Bune. I called him a few weeks ago, after a difficult economic situation. He appeared before me as a man and his presence was very pleasant. He showed me that I could get anything.
A few weeks later I decided to draw his sigil and offer him every day that I could some coins (which I intend to donate part to charity) and perfume.
3 weeks later my economic situation has improved and new opportunities are beginning to emerge. I have also received rewards in the form of gifts or money from my family.

In addition, my interest in magic has increased (I have created a wealth servitor, sigils and evocation) and I have found a 2 cup method to help manifest my desires .

I am very grateful to Duke Bune for the above and all the good things that come to me.
I also thank this media for allowing me to publish this comment.

Hail Bune!
Gracias Bune