The Duchess doesn’t mess around.

Submitted By: LittleRado
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

The lovely Duchess.. she delivers. She delivers every. Little. Thing. you ask for and she does it very quickly.

I have had issues and blockages regarding money for my entire life. Working long days and plenty of them, never getting paid what I deserve and never even being able to believe that I do indeed deserve it. Recently I’ve been working on building my own home to get out of the rent trap and as you can imagine, it’s quite a bit of upfront cost. Also, my darling boyfriend is from France and can not legally
work here, so it has been up to me to be sugar mama. I am a witch, with heaps to learn but in my studies I came across the Duke/Duchess.

Desperate, (though you do not need to be in this stage to ask her for help) I started to research. Do this carefully to better understand how to go about your summoning and understand that you are making a pact with someone of immense power. So I read and watched videos until I get comfortable and confident to reach out. I started about a month ago, making small offerings, reciting her enn and learning her sigils. About a week ago, I decided to do a proper summoning. I went into the desert alone in the morning with my offerings. I brought a chocolate mousse cupcake, my homemade granola drizzled with honey, a glass of rum, orange rose petals that contained a lot of love (dried from a bouquet from my sweetheart), a stone that she asked me for, an orange candle, and some orange slices along with my written requests and her sigil that I traces with blood. She likes blood by the way, I believe she made me bleed a few days prior so that I may have some to give her (random nosebleed).

I showered before my summoning and gave myself a relaxing morning to get my head right. I brought my things into the desert and got naked (I just felt like I should in the moment). She even was kind enough to blow a large piece of parchment needed the wind in front of me to sit on rather than the hot sand. I lit her candle, crossed my legs to sit and closed my eyes to mediate while reciting her enn. Not even a minute passed and my heart leapt out of my chest as I felt claws dig (although quite gently) into my thigh. I opened my eyes to see a massive chipmunk next to me that was immediately startled to see me as well. He ran off but I knew it was the Duchess letting me know she’s here and she’s listening. My heart was pounding in excitement though I felt no fear. I thanked her for coming, I recited my demands and my terms (these will be unique to everyone so I do not feel the need to be specific on this part). I asked her if she agreed to let me know. Immediately, a buzz circled my head and neck. I knew this meant yes and I said thank you and it buzzed along happily.

I have heard that she communicates in variety of ways and she seemed to have chosen the one that would be pleasing to me as I adore animals. I would also like to add hat I didn’t attempt to bind her or even cast a circle out of respect. I told her to enjoy the offerings and that I would be taking my leave respectfully.

Things shook up for me in big way after this. Within a few days, results started coming. First, my boyfriend and I were out through some very difficult situations that ultimately brought us even closer together. She deepened my already beautiful and passionate relationship just as I asked. Second, she brings cash. She will do this in any way she sees fit, so chose your words carefully. She delivers through avenues you haven’t even considered. I also requested eloquence in my speech and to remove my shyness and confusion. Again, she delivers.

Without a doubt, she is very much real and active. I will 100% continue to work with her as long as she accepts and continue to thank her with offerings. She likes to tell you what she wants so listen. Perhaps just a beautiful stone thatbyou notice when walking ( it’s as if she’s saying, hey I liked that, please bring it home for me).

Above all, she will change you and she will deliver what you desire. Trust her and the process of it all. Be respectful, be clear, and hold up your end of the contract.

More to come later, thank you, my Duchess Bune.