The Duke continues, as do wee

Submitted By: Allison
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Months ago I had to go to the hospital for heart issues, and my partner had appealed to Duke Bune for aid. Since that time, we have maintained regular offerings as they agreed upon.

I had openly petitioned for a change in workplace, as my then current employer was toxic, hostile, and clearly going to be a dead end. During the time after my hospital stay, we received our stimulus money, purchased a new car that was practically thrown our way, and I have changed employers for less stress and much higher pay in a much more respectful environment.

The transition to the new work was sudden, but as I had commented to my partner I was unlikely to leave on my own as even though the place was horrid it was a known quantity. My arrangements with a former boss came through just as we bought our new car, and it all fell close to my birthday, whereupon several relatives have gifted me money this year.

It is and will be worth the work. We are keeping to our agreement, and it shows.