To The Day

Submitted By: Lorielle
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been working on a project off and on for over a year. I decided to call Bime (as She asked me to call her) on Friday, June 7th, to get the project in front of buyers. I asked her to deliver to me at least one buyer who would respond positively, regarding the project, and to have the client I did the project for to ask me to continue to work with him further. I set the date for seeing some results for Monday, June 10th.

On Monday, I was contacted by someone who directed me to contact their buyer. Within a few minutes of sending the potential buyer an email, he emailed me back and asked me to submit my material for consideration. The client also asked me to do further work with him, that will definitely take us well into next year.

Bime delivered to the day, what I asked of her. I am certain, the project will meet with future success as things progress.

Hail Bime!