Unexpected generosity!

Submitted By: P
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Praise Bune! Hail Bune!

Something truly remarkable happened from late 2018 to early 2019.

I cannot reiterate enough…the incredible kindness and generosity of Bune! Without even so much as an official ask, complete with petition, candle, offering…over the course of 7-8 months, Bune came through with over $7000 when we needed it the most. It always came from out of the blue, completely unexpected sources and places.

I mean it. At most, I had the *thought*…THE THOUGHT! of: “I’ll get an orange candle, a bottle of rum, I’ll petition Bune and ask for this much money and I need it in this amount of time…” and before I even so much as walked into a store to buy anything at all, money came. The largest amount was over $4000: an unbelievably large tax refund that my partner had received. This was right before she was considering taking out a loan at a high interest rate to help us out. I told her not to, that I would petition Bune and give my first EVER blood offering!!! instead and just to HOLD ON UNTIL THEN.

Two hours later:


I will add here that she was expecting to *owe* money, and was not expecting a refund in the slightest.

Later, I did give Bune a blood offering as promised.

Some of (though not all) of these money windfalls were preceded by the appearance or chance meeting of a Middle Eastern gentleman, at least 30 years old or older. Kind, funny and warm.

I have no other words for such awesome divine intervention. HAIL BUNE!!!