Submitted By: Odin
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I had been running low on funds; however, I stumbled upon Bune and a few others. I admit, I did not do any rituals (not yet), but I remember that I had asked for some funds– it was a simple request. Out of nowhere I had a letter from the Treasury Department about the Stimulus Check. I did not recieve one the first time, but a month later I got a check. I told Dutchess Bune if i get this check, I’ll give a public statements about how she helped me, and that I would buy Sandalwood incense to burn for her (at a later time) and put it under the name will be changing my name to. So this is my statement that Bune (to my knowledge, though I didn’t do the ritual) came through.

Thank you, Dutchess Bune, I genuinely appreciate it…!