Unlike what others have stated

Submitted By: Апгел
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I have gave this a serious try. I’m not new to any of this type of undertaking, but each experience is new, so I ventured forward.
I set up a dedicated room, and had all dedications to Bune prepared. I reached out to Bune, and kept chanting the enn..focusing, visualizing, but had no real reaction as far as visual evidence, and nothing auditory.

My dog seemed to become restless, running back and forth through the house. When asking for a sign a car alarm went off and many voices raised in chatter, suddenly, outside of the window. I disposed of the dedications some time after, and hoped for the best.

Nothing was delivered that I asked for, but about month later I was given a small loan to help out with bills.

I believe in Bune but I believe there is interference from a force that was exorcised not to long before. I could feel some type of static. Some sort of resistance out there, in the air in the rest of the house.

I will try again.