Submitted By: Katie
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

Hail dear Bune!!

For a long time I spend my salary just for living. Nothing else.
I am a young woman who changed a lot inside (thankful for it for all my demons and most of all my powerful amazing spirit guide❤️) and I decided to love myself more and enough to buy things for myself with nice quality.

I month later I called Bune, also I include Bune in my mouthy money spell I realised my salary is higher! So I decided to see what is my desire.
I did a research to by things in the best price, also I went out, not just order to house, so I noticed I don,t want to spend a money without brain. Also I proved that I take steps and work for it.

It was in 3 different times when I went to the shop and the item was missing. OK, I found a similar shop nearby, and the really the same item I found almost half price!!
So I felt Bune was by myself and guided me.

Now I sit in my room by my altar and my gifts are close to me. I won’t unpack or wear them until I express my grateful feelings towards Bune. Also I show her the items :))

Thank you!!
I know it is not a life saving project but sometimes it is worthy also, when you work on yourself.