Bune kept me going

Submitted By: Ann
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I have been unemployed for a long time. Nobody will hire an older disabled worker. I was on the edge of losing what little I had left when I decided to try working with Bune.

I started a regular practice of summoning and offering. I didn’t get the dramatic incidents that some people get but I got the impression that Bune was an elegant, wealthy, cultured lady advising me. It was like she decided I deserved better and would take me on as her project.

After a few months, I was getting enough money from freelance work and gifts to keep going. I had enough to cancel some expensive bills and switch to far better deals. I have enough coming in to keep me going for a few months while I work on the bigger things that will help me with a new life.

Thank you Duchess Bune!

Assistance and timelines

Submitted By: Bella
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I need to really thank Duchess/Duke Bune with everything that I have been doing. They have been giving me constant guidance and fulfilled each request. The one thing that I have been forced to learn is that our timelines and their timelines are different and don’t necessarily coincide. Even though at times I thought that perhaps my request had not been accepted I have seen that because of the time lines I have to be patient as I am definitely seeing the results.

So my endless gratitude and thanks to the GREAT DUKE/DUCHESS BUNE!!! you truly are magnificent and a great teacher. Lessons are learnt only if you are open to the lesson and the message.

Be open to receive the messages and you will see that although you may have a specific time period in your mind, that is not how it works. You need to be ready to receive the gifts you have asked for. Some gifts are received differently and not always a material gift. Knowledge and strength cannot be learnt through material gain. Self awareness is a journey that is ongoing and through the journey you will go through some hardships, it is for you to understand that. Keep working and praising you will see the benefits.

New work opportunity

Submitted By: Darktimeson
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

Hail Bune !
I’ve started to work with Bune in December, because I wanted to transit from retail to screenwriting. Just had my first contract at the beginning of march.

I received a scholarship

Submitted By: Fairooz
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I invoked Duchess Bune in February and asked her to aid me in my financial goals. I was surprised when she delivered results by March. Our university was offering scholarships to students and only four people were selected from the English Language and Literature department. I was one of them! Hail Bune! 💚


Submitted By: Katie
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

Hail dear Bune!!

For a long time I spend my salary just for living. Nothing else.
I am a young woman who changed a lot inside (thankful for it for all my demons and most of all my powerful amazing spirit guide❤️) and I decided to love myself more and enough to buy things for myself with nice quality.

I month later I called Bune, also I include Bune in my mouthy money spell I realised my salary is higher! So I decided to see what is my desire.
I did a research to by things in the best price, also I went out, not just order to house, so I noticed I don,t want to spend a money without brain. Also I proved that I take steps and work for it.

It was in 3 different times when I went to the shop and the item was missing. OK, I found a similar shop nearby, and the really the same item I found almost half price!!
So I felt Bune was by myself and guided me.

Now I sit in my room by my altar and my gifts are close to me. I won’t unpack or wear them until I express my grateful feelings towards Bune. Also I show her the items :))

Thank you!!
I know it is not a life saving project but sometimes it is worthy also, when you work on yourself.

Self realisation and tests

Submitted By: Bella
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

So on my journey I have been led to different things and information. I asked to be a better version of myself and I have been meditating and chanting. I got to a point where things starting going wrong and I thought it might be Bune’s anger towards me. Obviously you sometimes get a bit neurotic and start overthinking everything. When I finally realised that I was being tested and not what I had initially thought I realised that I was being made stronger. In order to really get everything we want we have to be able to handle it. I am now moving into another level of myself. I have accepted so much about myself and I realised that I have the potential in me. So today I thank Dutchess Bune!! You are truly amazing. I am so much stronger than I thought and I so happy that I am able to work with you. Each day you bless my life. Slowly my mind is changing and I am able to manifest the things that I want. But as always , I understand that work is required my time and my energy is required.

Patience and submission was the lesson of the month! WEHLC MELAN AVAGE BUNE TASA! BEAUTY ENVISIONED POISE ELEGANCE ABSOLUTE GODDESS!! Thank you

The Duke continues, as do wee

Submitted By: Allison
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Months ago I had to go to the hospital for heart issues, and my partner had appealed to Duke Bune for aid. Since that time, we have maintained regular offerings as they agreed upon.

I had openly petitioned for a change in workplace, as my then current employer was toxic, hostile, and clearly going to be a dead end. During the time after my hospital stay, we received our stimulus money, purchased a new car that was practically thrown our way, and I have changed employers for less stress and much higher pay in a much more respectful environment.

The transition to the new work was sudden, but as I had commented to my partner I was unlikely to leave on my own as even though the place was horrid it was a known quantity. My arrangements with a former boss came through just as we bought our new car, and it all fell close to my birthday, whereupon several relatives have gifted me money this year.

It is and will be worth the work. We are keeping to our agreement, and it shows.

Duchess Bune Delivers

Submitted By: Ivy
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I contacted Duke/Duchess Bune out of desperation last week via a (rather simple) candle money spell. The connection was instant and I could feel their presence in the room with me. I am still working on developing my psychic senses so it is not often I see things in my mind’s eye but Bune appeared to me as a young, lively woman with a serpent-crown and was accompanied by a cobra. This was not what I read about Bune so I searched around to find people’s experience differed when it comes to the appearance of this particular entity (understandably). Yet, my experience was consistent with many others’. Since then I have been giving offerings to Bune out of adoration (things like my artwork, chocolate, sandalwood, etc.) and after 1 week Duchess Bune delivered. I was offered a job in the new installation of an old project which will enable me to earn the money I asked for and perhaps even more. I cannot thank Bune enough for the quick response and delivery. I chant her enn daily and sleep with her sigil under my pillow. I will continue to work with her and build a stronger relationship based on mutual trust. If you are considering working with Bune, do reach out.

Shows up

Submitted By: bella
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I have been working with for about 5 months now and I am constantly amazed by how if often she shows up to my rituals. Recently I have felt her presence so strongly and so vividly it’s been truly amazing. She constantly guides you and increasingly speaks through me. I am so thankful to habhave presence in my life because it is better all the time. Even when things are going wrong the situation finds itself almost dispersed and diffused.
My advice to any new followers is to trust her and be true. Be mindful of your decisions because you are being guided. So if something or someone is telling you to take a different path listen. Your path didn’t get you what you wanted so maybe its time to take a different path.
Take the time to learn and educate yourself about this Deity understand what they really do.

You will find yourself living a very different life to what you have always known. You start to find meaning and truth.

Hail Bune thank you !!!WEHLC MELAN AVAGE BUNE TASA


Thank you Duchess Bune

Submitted By: Kiara
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

Hi everyone,

I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to Duchess Bune. She has been so wonderful to me that I cannot express in words. Below is a brief about my experience.

I have been struggling with my career for the last 10 years. I get into jobs and situations that are extremely challenging and a lot of times even if the opportunity is good, I do not give my best because I took up the job half-heartedly (not having other choices).

My friend introduced me to Duchess Bune and asked me to pray to her to find a wonderful job where I have the ability to choose the job I want and achieve a lot of success and prosperity. Hence, I started praying to Bune about 3 months back. The number of miracles Bune has helped me with is hard to describe.

The thing I appreciate the most is since the time I started praying to her, she has helped me realize the blocks I have developed regarding my career over the last one decade. She has helped me realize that I am making wrong choices because of my own thought patterns; she is slowly giving me the courage to realize what I want and ask for it without guilt and hesitation. I’ve developed self-worth and self-esteem over these last 3 months.

I started to look out for jobs 2 months back. Bune has given me the opportunity to interview in multiple companies which I am truly grateful for. She also helped me break this karmic cycle of choosing the wrong job and instead has given me courage to choose the right job… I am so happy that I have a wonderful verbal job offer now.. I am awaiting for the process to be complete and I truly believe she will guide me on the right path.

Duchess Bune, thank you so much for not only offering me with a fantastic job, but also helping me approach the opportunity with a lot of courage and patience. I am extremely extremely grateful to you:)

Hail Duchess Bune!!!

Yours sincerely,