By the book

Submitted By: BTH
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Inspired by the stories here and elsewhere, I decided to work with Bune. I was apprehensive as the general idea of summoning a demon isn’t typically looked upon as a smart move. Regardless, I moved forward, using the first method in Gordon Winterfield’s book, “Demons of Magick”. I performed it on a Thursday night around midnight (the idea was Jupiter/money energies mixed with Venusian/Duke energies). I showered, meditated, performed the LBRP, performed the Bornless Invocation, and then the Middle Pillar.

After finishing all of this pre-requisite work I performed the method in Gordon’s book. I didn’t feel Bune, but carried on as if it was there. No deal was made, only the idea of a potential offering and my sincere gratitude. I will say, don’t expect instant results. This website makes it seem as though Bune acts immediately in every case, and while he may in many, or even most cases, sometimes it may take more time to achieve your goals. Patience, patience, patience. The request was to sell a piece of musical equipment for a good price. Today, it was sold.

Bune was easy to work with, even with feelings of unease from me (not due to Bune, but due to the general idea of what I was doing). This post will serve as part of my offering. Be polite, be patient, and be reasonable, and chances are good you’ll have success.

Complete Life Improvement Transformation

Submitted By: Deshawn
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

Hi Everyone!

My name is DShawn and I am here to give my personal testimonial on Duchess Bune and how working with her has completely changed my life for the better. I was at a point where I got complacent in life and had given up on a lot of my goals. With the recent quarantine, I had been letting myself go and gained a lot of weight in the last 5 months. Long story short is that I was depressed and going down a negative spiral… until I connected with Bune.

I stumbled upon Bune, consulted her, and channeled her energy with respect & sincerity. She was very quick to respond, listen, and offer to help me. I chanted her Enn (Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa) and meditated while visualizing her sigil. I had asked her to help me learn why I was so depressed with no energy and slowly giving up on life. Instantly She gave me some insights and shared with me that I was suffering from vitamin D3 deficiency from not getting enough sun and staying indoors all day. I also asked her to help me with my business to make more sales and get more clients. Bune taught me how to speak more eloquently, and also gave me the right ideas + action steps to find and attract new clients and expand my business in multiple directions.

I want to take this time to thank Bune from the bottom of my heart. She took me from a very low point in my life. She not only resurrected me she also gave me hope and support I needed to make a change. I couldn’t have done this without her help and I am very grateful and honored to be able to work with Duchess Bune. Thank you Bune!

Hail Bune!

Real Life Results

Submitted By: Tia
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I invoked Bune after doing some research to see which Spirit could best help me to get back on my feet financially. I used a candle, incense and wrote a petition to Bune. I chanted the Spirit’s enn and got into a trance. This God/Goddess entered my apartment in female form. I noticed my dog barked several times at my front door while this was happening. Bune spoke with me and her energy was very big and grand and also ancient and primordial. She gave me instructions which I wrote down. I asked for a job that paid at least $25 hourly, among other things, and that is what she delivered. It was actually a job and a side gig with promised work and payment, which together equals about $25 per hour. I realize now I can petition Bune for something else. The job is not what I expected but it fits what I initially asked for. I might as well ask for what I truly desire.

Bune is an awesome Spirit to work with. Very generous and wants to see people get what they need. I recommend knowing what you really want ahead of time. And aiming high…there’s no need to be modest, just be honest. Bune is very powerful. She/he can also be called upon for wisdom and spiritual gnosis.

Thank you Bune!! ALL HAIL BUNE!

Whlc Melan Avage Bune Tasa

Thank you again great Bune

Submitted By: Arielsdream
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I just wanted to thank Bune for providing a small lottery win ! (12.00) . I knew I had one number but when I turned it in today it was 12.00! I have not won any type of monies big or small for a long time ( years). I have been asking Bune for a sign that my works and offerings are headed in the right direction still. I will be burning a portion of the 12.00 during my next planned ritual with Bune as a sign of gratitude. Thanks be to Bune for continuing to provide and support me and my family through this pandemic.

Blessed my life with magic and miracle

Submitted By: Anna
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I am wrriting this with a sincere and greatful heart. I had been through a terrible situation and as a single mother with pets, with a very difficult background and past, I was faced with a nightmare. I was in a lot of debt having also to pay rent and utilities and cover for food and basic needs without having an actual job. I was in a dark place with no hopes. I begin to do incantations to Duchess Bune after an interest and an attraction I ‘ ve developted for demonology. In the beggining I was unsure if I am doing everything wright or not. I have set a small altar with offerings of grapefruit, carribean rum and natural honey. As incence I have used sandalwood⁸ aromatic sticks and I have burned pieces of sandalwood itself plus aromatic orange oil. I have drawn myself the sigil , and each time I was doing the incantation I was dripping blood over it (my own blood) and drops of orange oil. I would lit a candle green and/or orange and at some point I have painted the sigil using also a bit of myï own blood mixed with the colours.

After everything was set and prepared I would say a small prayer to Lord Lucifer to ease, protect and strengthen the bond / the connection between Duchess Bune and I.

My prayers were merely about receiving financial help. At the end I would write down the amount needed and drop over little blood. The first time I received by a miracle the exact sum I had been written on the piece of paper I was transfixed. Never in my life have I had such a miracle happening to me and also into such a short period extent (after 3 days)

I kept doing incantations of thanking and some of requesting other sums I needed and again and again the same miracle happened to me. From sources and ways I never thought of, money came into my possesion in the exact sum I requested and few times above it. Never less. Sometimes even only after 1 day !!

In time , I have improved my altar , adding a green silk , velvet material as a layout on top of which I arranged the altar, with a cooper plate in which I put the fruit, silver cups for the rum and honey , a bouquet of roses, cooper coins and other improvements.
I am planning to build in time a very precious beautiful altar to reflect my appreciation and my gratefulness that I feel for Duchess,’s Bune Entity.

I was so deeply touched not only by the miracles themselves, the fact I received what I needed when I needed , but also about the amazing warmth feeling Her precence offered me and for realising that such a High powerful and wise Entity out of her choice cared to listen to my prayers and out of her will cared to sort out my needs.

I used to be a christian and pray almost every day for 30 years and nothing happened. It ‘s been the first time I had the incredibile feeling that someone out of this world , such an incredibile divine Being has brought magic, hope and peace into my troubled life.

As I am writing this experience I can feel
strong emotions and a lot of appreciation and gratitude for being blessed with having in my life such a magical connection.
For me, Bune appered in female form, perhaps has both or one aspect I am not sure, even though it is about energy of course

My advice for newbees: offer alongside with gifts, affection, respect, sincerity, and open your heart and your soul so you may also get to experience the incredibile feeling of being cared of, of being listened, of being helped and blessed by a great Spirit such as Duchess Bune.

It’s important to use quality natural ingredients for offerings and incence and to put some effort into estetics of the altar. Yet miracles happen through real things, so u cannot expect to stay home and do nothing and a pile of money to appear on the table. It’s true that for instance, in the hard period of last spring when I was forced to stay home for 3 months as the city went into quarantine, I received help from Duchess Bune in such an amazing way that I had all I needed for myself, my child and the house. Though in this case I was forced by situation to stay home. In relation with Bune and any other Demon/Spirit/Entity/ God, I believe one needs to have to be sensible, have common sense and a lot of respect, avoiding being greedy and demanding.

Apart from the financial help, even greater is the experience of connection , communication and bonding with such a full of deep wisdom and power Entity.

I am honoured to have in my life such a miracle and blessing , and it’s a priviledge to have made a bond with Duchess Bune. I adore and love Her!

I received 1000 from Bune

Submitted By: Calypso
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

Hello from Calypso, I summoned Bune on a Friday , at the hour of Venus before sunrise. I drew out the sigil , made an offering of fruits, scotch, green candles. I found how to summon Bune on YouTube and online and it worked. I desperately needed 1000 to pay my rent and bills and someone gave me the money a few hours later. Thank you Bune.

New avenues

Submitted By: Jn
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Two months ago I asked Bune for help on opening new avenues of income. I am unployed, and thought I was not good enough because nothing seemed to happen, but now a new opportunity did come and I feel even though unlike others I did not see Bune when I did my ritual I know this gift is from Bune. I am still in the beginning stages of this opportunity but have no doubt that I was heard.

Thank you Bune!

My First Bune Petition Success If You Have Doubts!

Submitted By: Danny
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

I had been trying to sell my bike for near to a month with no interest and I had an event to attend and had no money the bike was my only option to get money so I decided to petition Bune I printed his sigil gazed and meditated on it, I write my petition on the back of his sigil put a drop of blood and burned a green candle as an offering to him, on the petition I had written to sell it within 7 days and he delivered just 2 days after!

Thank you Bune!

Submitted By: Magick Dogg
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Since the start of COVID19 and the world going looney tunes, I have had a premonition that any magick people practice at this time, is going to be boosted and much more intense. So I kept having these hunches that there are codes to reality and I began to explore Key of Solomon and Lesser Key of Solomon. Did a meditation, pathworking with Bune and within a week Bune had a new laptop for my work for me. I also got paid from a deadbeat client and I have had some dreams with Bune protecting me from toxic people.

Every since the beginning of working with his/her Sigil I felt both male and female energy from Bune and a lot of warmth and love. My perception began to be much clearer and overall, I have had a good time with Bune. I love lighting a candle, pouring a couple of glasses of rum, cutting up a couple of plates of oranges, lighting some incense and celebrating a drink and a snack with Bune.

For some reason, Bune wants me to call her/him “Byoo -nee” so that is what I call my sweet “algorithm” or “code” or “daemon” or “genius”.

Thank you Bune, I love you. 🙂

It May Have Worked!

Submitted By: Swervo
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I was desperate for a change in my life as far as my finances and my environment. I wanted a new scenery and to make more money at a different job. I meditated upon Bune’s sigil at night and called Bune upon me. I poured in much emotion and focus. I chanted and chanted. Tried and tried. I gave up after that last time. I had done it so many times. I figured this was all just bs, so I stopped. I started to feel different as days passed. I suffer from extreme bipolar disorder. My bipolar depression had a slight decrease day by day. My energy and drive for success began shooting through the roof. My soul felt on fire. But not a painful fire.

I applied for so many jobs in desperation, all turning me down. I applied to one last job. Then I gave up. If not the next day, a few days later I got a call. I was scheduled for an interview the very next day, and got the job within 20 minutes. I make a hell of a lot more money now and I’ve been doing better. If you’re working with Bune, patience and persistence are required. Don’t expect things to happen the next day or in seconds. Like all things, it takes time. Allow Bune time to develop a plan for you and execute it. When things start to work out for you, THANK BUNE! I don’t think Bune seeks worship. I think Bune seeks recognition and respect for doing great things. Love and respect Bune for thy will be the hand that feeds you if you allow it!