It works. Put full faith in Bune.

Submitted By: Mal
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less


I was in need of around £6000 to settle my entire debt for an year and than I can use Cash Credit and plan my income source. And also banks were behind me to pay them their bills. I tried so hard to do my job, it didn’t matter what I did I just got stuck somewhere. And it was disaster. I prayed to everything I knew about but nothing seem’d to be working. No one was answering. So i did research about LHP.  I was reading about Ars Goetia from quite some time and after lots of thoughts, I decided to summon Duke Bune yesterday. And At night I did the ritual as mentioned on this site.  And it just blew me off in morning.  I got call from my dad and he arranged or got payed around £800(we have no idea how this happened)  he put some in bank  we have more time on our hand to solve this. And hopefully I will get all the cash I need.

I am so much thankful to Bune for working so fast and solving my initial problem.

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune

Belial showed me Bune’s sigil

Submitted By: Goldfinch
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

At work I had a high pressure conversation with site leadership where the group that I lead was going to miss our goals by 50%, which I was dreading. I did a meditation to Belial (asking for help) and I saw Bune’s sigil come into my mind. I drew her sigil and lit 4 candles and told her I would spread the word about her if she helped me. I met with leadership and the conversations went really well. However, my boss didnt want me to discuss the full disaster, as there would be fallout for her as well. The day after the conversation, she sent reports to site leadership saying that we would miss by way less than 50% & the head leader sided with my boss and acted like a d!ck when I tried to discuss the situation with him. Fast forward to today, where we actually missed by the 50% that I predicted and the additional amount of creditability that I have with the group. Bune always comes through and I have always gotten a quick positive outcome when I work with her.

Bune saved my life

Submitted By: Kaz kazasia
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I am very new to this and always wanted to share a story as I believe in Bune and the abilities this amazing being has.

It’s out of human nature to believe in such practices that they work and it’s hard for normal people to grasp what else is out there.

I have been blessed by Bune to write my story and show my gratitude to Bune she helped me through the darkest hours when ever I feel bad or uncomfortable I can turn to Bune for comfort of knowing that no matter what this eternal being is here for me guiding me through all the bad and helping me be the successful creation that we all have in us.

I was broke and lifeless all of my dealings turning bad and never being able to show results in any venture I would go in to.

I was in mountains of debt and not having an avenue to repair it. I stumbled on Bune she helped me pay off my house before it was repossessed and helped me pay all of my debts and bring me a venture partner that saw what I can do and we now have a successful development company dealing in property.

Life is magical I can leave a legacy for my beautiful children and secure their future.

Hail Bune the eternal light in my life

Less than 24 hours and seeing changes!

Submitted By: Steve and Nova
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Last night, my fiancé and I performed a ritual calling upon Duke Buné. We made some requests and definitely felt his presence within our circle and I saw a physical manifestation. We had asked for quite a few things (but had many things to offer him ourselves) one of which being better health.

My fiancé, Steve has suffered from extreme acid reflux for years and severe back pain. He woke up this morning with no acid reflux symptoms (he normally does every single morning) and said he had no back pain either.

I suffer from lupus and every morning I have leg pain (numbness, tingling…) and I always have trouble getting out of bed and walking due to stiff joints. This morning I was able to get out of bed with no issues.

We are delighted that our pact with Duke Buné is being honored. Praise Buné! And anyone that has any doubts, should not. He is strong. He is powerful. He has shown all of that to us and it is amazing.

We highly encourage anyone to make a connection with this spirit. We are forever in his debt and are excited to see the changes take place in our lives together

It’s working! Bune has come through.

Submitted By: Kim
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

My life was turned upside down in June. I lost my job, had legal trouble, and found myself desperate and in a hole by July. I’m no stranger to the occult, but I never did any demon work. I decided it might be necessary in order to get back on top of things and to do so quickly. Since money was my main issue, I chose to seek out Bune’s assistance. It turned out to be a good move. Within 2 months, I’ve not only gotten a new job, I’ve gone into an entirely different field with much more opportunity and an ideal schedule. My credit score has, also, increased by 149 points.

Thank you to Bune!

I’m looking forward to a life long relationship with this particular entity. I’ve much to learn but these past couple of months have provided me with a strong faith and foundation.


Kim 💟

Hail Mighty Bune!

Submitted By: Mr. S
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Hey Everybody,

I am working with Bune more or less frequently & love seeing the stories on here. Today I wish to thank Bune and give everybody who reads this an insight of how amazingly Bune is able to change circumstances towards your desire.

I have lost something that was wished to be recovered but there seemed to be no way of doing so. After performing a spell with Bune the item was back in my possession & only a few hours have passed. Unfortunately, I can not go into further detail but the message here is that Bune is not only able to manifest wealth, success money and so on – But also beautifully working together with you to help you in tricky situations. Also for emotional struggle or trauma Bune is just awesome to work with.

I really am not only thankful but truly happy to be able to work with such an amazing spirit and teacher & hope to inspire everybody in doing so.
Whatever it might be that you are facing in your life, establishing a connection with the spirit Bune is not only going to make your financial life better but can overall boost your life, wellbeing, and consciousness to new levels.
Thank you Bune – Hail Bune

Some Details About Offerings And Materials I like to use:

– Own Blood On Sigil
– Honey
– Rum
– Sandalwood
– Incense
– Green Candles with Bunes name or Sigil carved into them
– Oranges
-Caramel Pudding

Bune Is Amazing, Wonderful & The Light In My Life

Submitted By: P6
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I have begun to work with Bune with an Evocation manifesting a long-term goal. 6 Days later I started an additional 8-Day Spell-Work with Bune manifesting a mid-term goal that is necessary for the long-term manifestation & also to strengthen my connection to Bune & show my dedication to the desired.

On day 6 I ran into some problems that could have killed my business from the current standpoint & would have made it a lot harder to manifest both the long-term and mid-term goals. Normally when working with Bune I buy the best of the best offerings & try my best to provide fresh offerings every day. When the problems flew in I knew what I needed to do and changed the subject of the spell to the acute situation, even tho only having already used offering to hand.

16 Minutes later all problems vanished. I got an email notification stating that the case was re-evaluated and everything is back on track. I literally cried at the altar out of thankfulness. I was full of doubt if my desires would manifest as it takes time and then all of a sudden I’m standing in front of something that could ruin everything. But as always Bune delivered (AFTER 16 MINUTES!!!).

Whoever is reading this and thinking about working with Bune DO IT. My mental, physical and general well-being has been on a peak ever since working with this amazing spirit and teacher. I am more than happy to dedicate to this lovely being that shines so much light & opportunity into my life.


24 hours later and I’m enlightened

Submitted By: Katy Boon
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I summoned Bune/Bim/Bime for the first time yesterday while I’m in the midst of a dire life/financial crisis. I have worked in the same career for almost 9 years and have zero passion left for it. It’s the family business but I don’t feel it’s my calling at all. It’s been financially good to me until the last about 9 months. Interestingly I’m in a 9 personal year numerologically. This year my career has completely tanked drastically!!!

I’ve always been on commission only, no salary which hasn’t been a problem until this year. I’ve worked so hard for nothing… no sales… always work them and then falls apart which means zero pay for me after a lot of work. I’ve had only one… ONE sale this entire year! That’s crazy rough but I feel it’s a sign that it’s time for me to make my calling a reality. I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my business for about 4 or 5 months and just nothing I think of fits. I’m also very passionate about astrology which is going to be a large part of my business. I haven’t been able to find the right time where the astrological placements look good for the start of a new business. In the meantime, I’m now completely broke and my dogs and cats are needing vet care which has been a huge stress on me. I summoned Bune/Bim/Bime with my request of massive financial help immediately to start my business and get my animals vet care. I offered what I had… some Myrrh incense, an orange candle, tobacco, and a little bit of wine I had. I had read oranges are a much loved offering but I didn’t have any and literally don’t even have a dollar to go buy anything.

I did remember that I have some lemon verbena perfume so I put some on the candle and also on the Bune/Bim/Bime’s sigil that I drew with green marker. I have zero art skills but she still responded to my horrible drawn sigil. After working with her I went in my living room and saw the most amazing dragonfly with a bright shiny blue tail and green body flying back and forth in front of my window. I stood at the window and thanked her… the dragonfly came right up and hovered at my window in front of me. Then a vivid orange butterfly joined the dragonfly. It was an amazing experience!!! I kept seeing the butterfly later in the day.

Last night as I went to bed, it instantly popped in my head when the perfect time to start my business is… in about 2 weeks the astrological placements are perfect!!! I woke up today and Hecate kept popping in my head. A couple hours later and after not being able to ignore the signs of seeing Hecate’s name randomly online… I asked Bim if she brought Hecate to me which she confirmed. My kitten that I need to get fixed has been in heat which has been very stressful to her and also stressful and annoying to my other animals. Today she is completely fine and relaxed! And my other cat who has had blood in his pee is no longer peeing blood today!!!!! I know this is Bim and Hecate at work. They are amazing!

It’s only been a day and I’m seeing results on things I didn’t specifically ask! I took a nap and woke up with the perfect business name!!!! Thank you Bim! Thank you Hecate! Almighty Bim! Almighty Hecate! I’m being given signs I can’t ignore that money is coming tomorrow. I’ll post again after the financial results have been delivered. I know Bim and Hecate will bring me the money I’ve asked for in the next 1-3 days! All of my love to Bim! All of my love to Hecate!

Out of the ashes

Submitted By: Claud
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I was financially dire and struggling to cope and pay off debts and just survive really .

I did a formal evocation of Duke Bune and asked an exact amount of $9000 that I needed at that time to make things easier and let sone steam off and avoid any huge financial pitfalls.

All this without asking for anything in return really…!

Within 3 weeks I landed an major contract and was awarded the monies on completion which actually in total was just just over the specified amount I asked the Duke.

Thanks thanks so much wise and powerful Duke.

Hail to Bune
Hail to Bime

Great ,powerful and without fail!!!

House finally under contract

Submitted By: Barbellion
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I’d like to give thanks to Bune for sending to me and my wife a buyer for our house. We have had our house on the market for twelve weeks now. We live in a nice area in a popular city, but after thirty-five showings we still hadn’t received a single offer. We’ve even lowered the price twice since the initial listing. We’ve been eager to sell because my wife lost her job earlier this year, and we can no longer afford the mortgage. Money is now beginning to run thin, and we weren’t sure how this was going to end if we didn’t find a buyer soon. We had considered lowering the price again (and for a rather large amount), but with the two previous price cuts, that would put us well below market value. I wasn’t sure why we were having such a difficult time, but we certainly seemed to be hitting a wall we couldn’t get through. The reader should also know that I’m a seasoned magician with a list of successful workings to my name, but this time nothing I did had any effect. That’s when I turned to Bune.

It was a Friday evening, while reading a book on money magic and looking for something new to try (I felt at the end of my rope), that I came across Bune’s name and sigil. I began my invocation, prayers, and devotion to Bune that same night. The following day (Saturday) we received a request for a house viewing for Sunday morning. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this as we tend to have on average three showings per week. Yet I had a strangely optimistic feeling about this one. I continued my prayers and devotions to Bune throughout the day at the altar I established for him in a guest bedroom (respectfully taking the altar down, of course, when we had potential buyers in the house). The Sunday showing came and went, and we heard nothing from this couple until Monday afternoon when they requested a second showing! My wife and I were pretty excited at this point. We always vacate the house during a showing and generally spend the time at a nearby park. During this second showing, among the trees and by a lake, I mentally invoked Bune again, repeating my heartfelt request that the proper person would find our house and make an offer to buy. Tuesday morning we woke with a message from our realtor that this couple had made us an offer!

I’m amazed at the speed with which Bune answered my request. In just over three days Bune sent us the right buyer with an acceptable offer. My altar to Bune is now a permanent fixture in whatever house I call home. And my connection with Bune has become so strong and heartfelt that candles and incense (among other offerings) are given in perpetual devotion. Not only have I gained a buyer for my home and release from a potentially disastrous financial situation, I’ve also gained a spiritual guide and guardian in this most remarkable of goetic daemons.