Bune Delivered House

Submitted By: Maria
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

It took Bune 2 weeks to deliver my partner and I a house. We began house hunting and I ended up asking Bune for help since the market is so crazy. I don’t make a lot of money. I asked Bune to find the perfect house for our needs and that our first offer be accepted so we wouldn’t have to go into a bidding war. We also needed a place quickly since I need to leave my apartment at the end of June.

My partner and I started the house tours around 4/15 and made bids on 3 separate properties. The first two we lost. But the third property was a last minute tour that our realtor set up and we fell in love with the house. We made a bid and yesterday we heard that our first offer on that house was accepted!

Praise to Bune for delivering us a house and that we didn’t have to do a bidding war or look for a year. A lot of friends who have tried to look in the same area were unsuccessful because the market is too weird right now. We also offered a reasonable amount as well instead of something insane.

Praise to Bune for getting us a place that we can start a family! Praise to Bune for hearing me ask for a safe place for us. Success is thy proof!

Bune Keeps His Word

Submitted By: Warlock
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I have posted here several times over the past two or three years detailing the help my spouse and I have received with an unexpected hospital bill. The bill originally totaled over $40,000, and we had a couple of months with much reduced income. Duke Bune immediately helped us cover those lean months with no problems–and even at a net profit. With Duke Bune’s help, the original bill was reduced from $40,000 to less than $4,000, which we were able to put on a payment plan. Today, the last of the payments was paid off, and the huge bill is now gone, Many thanks again to Duke Bune. As I promised him, I have posted here outlining my thanks for what he has given and continues to give, and I state with confidence that he helps those who call on him. Hail Bune!

Be Courageous

Submitted By: Victorium01
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

3.22.22 Duration 7 Days This is my first review of many to come for sure. I have created a system of contact that I am exploring or strategy I should say. I first contacted Bune a week ago with a petition to help with a down payment on a house I desire. I immediately felt the energy with the petition, so I knew that I connected. Outside of that there wasn’t an immediate result so I was a little disappointed because I was falling into desperate situation. With that being said I was determined to continue to make contact.

My next contact with Bune 2 days later was through direct evocation with Enns. At the end of the 108 chants of the 25 minute meditation I felt the connection again. All connections had been pleasing and I asked again for my petition. I was not so much lusting for the result but I wanted to experience a glimpse of some result or “coincidence”. I continued forward learning more and more about Bune. I commited to this direct evocation , learning and now a connective evocation calling in Shem Angels. On day 6, yesterday, I directly evoked Bune and offered my blood as well. I asked Bune to please come through in a financial way.

Today, day 7, I received a contact from my home insurance agent about a previous claim and he increased the claim to almost 5 figures!. I know this is not a coincidence. This confirmation has instantly upgraded my soul because now I feel the potential of my future growth in working with Bune. I will make a pact in the future for sure for even greater growth.

Thank you BUNE!!!!! Please. I implore you to continue forward if you are hesitant. Keep working with Bune. Keep the faith in your efforts. You will receive. Keep moving and improving your strategy. You WILL receive a result! Hail BUNE!

Bune Delivers

Submitted By: Zak Fisher
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I’m here to thank Bune, hail Duke Bune.

After a lot of research and careful articulation of what I wanted from Bune I performed a ritual summoning Bune , asking for aid.
I am going through a hostile divorce, my income was impeded, while at the same time attorney fees and bills were stacking up paying for two homes, child support and all the rest.

I petitioned Bune to bring me increased health, wealth and prosperity so I would have the means to take care of my kids , and make my legal obligations.

I carry his sigil with me everywhere.

Within a month I had a few “coincidences “ that helped me tremendously. Several thousands of dollars came to me. I am a self employed artist and at the same time I had an increase in sales, plus some other financial opportunities.

I want give honor to and thank Bune for delivering. All hail Duke Bune.

Bune Always Comes Through

Submitted By: De'Shawn
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Thank you BUNE for looking out and coming through!

I was deep in depression and feeling down and out for 2 months. I ask BUNE for help to invigorate me with the energy I need get back up performing at my best. BUNE heard my call and helped me to get back up. I started feeling better and performing at my job and making more sales. Things started to work out for the better. I want to publicly thank BUNE for helping me and working with me when I most needed it.


Career Change

Submitted By: TC
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Thank you, Bune!

You helped me make the career change to my life’s passion. I lost my job 2 months before the world shut down due to Covid, and it was so hard to find any positions that suited my schedule (with a child), experience, and most of all – passion. Within a short time of listening to the Bune meditations, I got a call from a mutual friend offering me a freelance writing job! The pay is good and it’s fully remote. It was not easy in the beginning but I’ve been doing it for almost a year now and I really enjoy it. My goal is to continue writing exclusively working from home, while I expand my portfolio and income. I am so much happier than my previous positions and beyond grateful to Bune for assisting me in this transition. I am asking her again now for support and guidance to be able to maintain a 100% work from home writing position with great pay and that I enjoy. I will continue to do the Bune meditations, as they are not only effective but so soothing to the mind and soul.

Thank you, Bune!

3 years later!

Submitted By: Murderousness
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I had originally wrote out the long story of my incredible ritual experience with Bune, and than somehow lost everything. Yet perhaps it is better to keep it simple after all. Three years ago I performed a traditional Daemonolotry ritual to invoke Bune. I did this in order to enter into an open ended, working pact with this ancient god. This ritual would end up being one of the most definitive, and awe inspiring moments of my entire life. I can not overstate this enough! I felt and saw things that forever changed my relationship with reality. I can tell you that I had called Bune, and he joined me on this mortal coil… The request was read, the offerings were given, and the pact was agreed upon. Three year’s later I am still seeing the benefits of working with Bune come into fruition. I know when he is with me by the unmistakable feeling his presence brings. It’s electric, and charged with joy!

Of course there has been financial benefits of which I am incredibly grateful for. Although I would ike to point out that Bune is capable of so much more. His abilities are unfathomable! The knowledge alone that I have gained from my working relationship with Bune is beyond anything I could have expected. It was if I’ve been given new eyes to see! My magick is strong under his guidance. Obviously my life is not struggle free and I would never request something so foolish, Yet I have gained in way’s that I never for saw. There is a richness, a deeper state of living that has come from this pact.

I felt the need to post here at this time, not only because I am so incredibly thankful for all that has come into my life through Bune, but also because I have come to the decision to embark on a new project with him. It’s important for me to reflect on the time we have already put in together, as I look to new possibilities. I feel as though I am now in a place personally and spiritually, where I can finally learn and practice the ancient tradition of Necromancy. Who better to be my guide in this endeavor than the god of Necromancy himself, Bune! I trust Bune because he has proven to me that I can trust him. I am looking forward to coming back here and sharing my experiences with Bune in the land of the dead!

I’ll finish by saying that I cannot guarantee that anyone else will have the same exact experiences that I have had working with Bune. Yet these experiences have lead me to feel that he is most definitely worth the time and energy of anyone who is searching. (I do know that you’ll get what you put in). Keep in mind the most important principal’s of magick, belief, personal will, and intent. Go into every working believing your magick is going to work. Believe that the spirits you call are going to answer. Believe that your will to manifest your own destiny is powerful. Believe that your will shall be carried out in all your magickal endeavors. Know your intent clearly. Feel your intent become tangible at the moment you decide to embark on a magickal working, as if you have already been successful. Beyond “believe”, KNOW! It was Bune who helped me to fully understand these Hermetic philosophies and put them into practice. He helped me to grasp these esoteric principals far beyond their mundane surface definitions. To know them as truth with every sense in my body.

I will always be so greatful for Bune. Honored to be among those that have been fortunate enough to know his presence, receive his guidance, and his knowledge. I am overwhelmed with love and respect for Duke Bune, Master of Death.

Well Melan Avage Bune Tasa

$1000 Quickly

Submitted By: Eric Z
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I asked Bune for $1000 to help my family through the holidays and pay some bills. About 16 hours later I was offered a freelance job for $1000, double what I had discussed previously with this company. It didn’t occur to me that I got the exact amount I asked for until I hung up the phone. I am truly grateful and impressed.

Hail Bune!

Financial Miracles…&MORE!! Thank you Bune!!

Submitted By: The Davila’s
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I didn’t know much about Bune until my wife started to do her research and we started to make his altar with things he likes. All the offerings we’ve seen: the rum, the incense, the oranges, the cigar, etc…I‘ve had faith in him since I first read about him; I felt that admiration for him. My wife & I are going through really hard financial hardships. We both don’t work but we’re applying and still waiting. We have 2 kids & it’s hard because we’re also behind in rent. Everything is hitting us all at once but when we hear Bune’s meditation chant, we have that peace. Bune reassures us that everything will be okay. We had a big miracle that we were able to get a loan to pay at least 1/4 of the rent but I know Bune will give us an even bigger miracle so we can give our baby’s a stable home and have enough to pay our debts off & have a normal life again. Bune hears us. Bune is always with us! Thank you Bune for changing our lives!

It’s like a miracle

Submitted By: John Doe
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Me and my girlfriend have a small business. We struggled a lot to get some monthly income (barely enough to sustain the business). Since I started to work with Bune everything changed. It’s like a miracle. Customers coming to us from everywhere and pay good money for our services.

Finally we are able to pay all our debts and start a better life. It’s such a good feeling to being financially stable.

Hail Bune!!!