Thank You Bune

Submitted By: Hayde
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I did the ritual during daytime and I’m not sure if it worked but my mom has been trying to sell her trailer and she’s struggled so today some lady called interested in the trailer so I don’t if it’s just a coincidence or not but still, Hail Bune❤️

Grateful Awe

Submitted By: Simon Bransby
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

My partner and I haven’t been in the best of financial straits for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do, until I found a post on Reddit thanking the Great Duke for Their help. I searched Their name, and found this site. After a bit of hesitation, I took the chance and preformed the steps. Almost immediately afterwards, I felt a warm and caring presence near me. Within the same day, before sunset, the mail delivered a statement from the UI office saying our funds had been raised 3x! A few days later, my housemate found a job at a place that wasn’t holding interviews and was hired on the spot.

Our bills have been more reasonable as well this month, and I’ve personally gotten extra funds from my family without asking for it! There’s also a chance my partner could get a great position with a company that’s been looking at his resume.

Hail the Great Duke!!

I have kept my end of the bargain I made, and got a tattoo of Their Seal in a visible place, that all may see Their Power.

The Three-Fold Dragon is one of the greatest friends I’ve had.

Bune helps with emergency finances

Submitted By: Arielsdream
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

On 12/31/19 I performed the ritual at a little after midnight and used salted caramel whiskey, cold cut meats, cheese, fruit and my blood as offerings. I asked Bune not only for short term help with aid for our business but also long term with our debts. Today we were approved for an emergency loan for the business and also received a business check in the mail that will get us through for the rest of the month. I will make an offering to Bune tonight as thanks and also update on any new developments! Thanks be to Bune!

Bune Changed my life

Submitted By: Bunè2730
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I love Bime with all my heart. She is a gentle and ancient spirit. I have never spoken to or seen her, except in what seems like flashes of images or a sensing of her presence. About a year ago in January, I was homeless living in my car. My money situation was dire. I did not have money to get an apartment. And then one day I discovered Bime…..

I don’t know how and don’t remember how I came across her. But I meditated on her Sigil regularly. I became entranced by her Sigil and I drew her Sigil and made blood drops on it to activate it. After that a bonus of $1000 and some change came to me in the form of a bonus and I was able to afford an apartment. On top of that someone gifted me with a 22k gold. Ever since I have made several offerings and mediations on Bime. I’ve always sensed her but never saw her. Eventually I made a petition asking for a yearly salary of 50,000. I made this petition around March/2019. I was able to get a raise of 41,600 in November/2019. At the time I was only making 14/hr but my salary boomed to 20/hr in a matter of months.

Bime Changed my life and supported me when I was in deep need of help. She showed me abundance I am so grateful and I love Bime. She is patient and understanding. My bond with her is truly special. She loves Jucy navel oranges, delicate and luxurious pastries like cake rusks or madeleines. Offer wine and always have some gold or copper near you. Favorite incense is Sandalwood, or authentic bakhoor.

Business/Job Success

Submitted By: H. Gonzalez
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I was able to find a contact for my solar business venture. My associate was able to start work within days. This is only one of the things asked for, it seemed like everything was unblocked and woala! there he was, a good solar business contact to start my next business venture. Bune really helps in all needs!!!

Hail Duke Bune

Submitted By: SusuJuju
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I havent been well lately due to my MS and upcoming surgery. I had no knowledge of the Goatia much less Duke Bune. A friend mentioned him to me and said that I should try summoning him for financial help. I was also the victim of sexual molestation which also caused me to be wrongfully accused of assault when I was trying to defend myself. I came across this website and after reading all the stories I though, why not give it a try? I did the ritual last week Friday and i burned some candles and incense. I also had the enn playing, and I was very relaxed felt more like I was in a trance. I offered brandy to him as a thank you for your time kinda thing.

As the ritual progressed I didn’t see anything straight, I just recall feeling very light headed and woosey. I asked Duke Bune for financial assistance, and I also asked him to please help me clear my name from being wrongly accused. I sealed my contract with blood and I entered into an ongoing pact with him. I did promise that I would spread his great name via Instagram, and word of mouth. I also want to make a website dedicated to him. The day after the ritual I got my settlement money from a car accident that I’d had, but I didn’t know if it was Duke Bunes doing or not, so yesterday Dec 31, 2019 I heard from a detective handling the case.

I knew right away that this was Duke Bunes doing. I was elated and grateful to the Duke for having helped me. I will be doing an offering Saturday to thank him for his assistance. Hail be to Duke Bune. I would love to be able to see him the next time I work with him. I am extremely pleased with his help! I highly recommend this spirit. He does deliver fast and with good results.

Thanks Bune! Money comes to me

Submitted By: Your spanish friend
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I want to show my thanks to Bune. I called him a few weeks ago, after a difficult economic situation. He appeared before me as a man and his presence was very pleasant. He showed me that I could get anything.
A few weeks later I decided to draw his sigil and offer him every day that I could some coins (which I intend to donate part to charity) and perfume.
3 weeks later my economic situation has improved and new opportunities are beginning to emerge. I have also received rewards in the form of gifts or money from my family.

In addition, my interest in magic has increased (I have created a wealth servitor, sigils and evocation) and I have found a 2 cup method to help manifest my desires .

I am very grateful to Duke Bune for the above and all the good things that come to me.
I also thank this media for allowing me to publish this comment.

Hail Bune!
Gracias Bune

Had to be him

Submitted By: Benny Barrett
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Okay so I’m going through a divorce, I’m two and a half months in. Attorney fees have been nearly 10k and child support and not seeing my kids has worn me out. I’m all about black magic but I got tired of the consequences so here I am. I always heard Christians saying masturbation was a sin and a demonic ritual so I masturbated and when I felt myself about to come I began saying Bune’s enn “well me lann avadje Bune tasa” I kept saying it and when I started cumming I shouted. In a week I want from making 5600 a month to making a minimum of 1000 a day. Magic is very serious and every morning I cannot believe this is really happening to me. I am scared to tell people about it because they will think I’m crazy and or ask for money. Thanks Bune you are the real MVP

It works amazingly

Submitted By: Mal
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less


My landlord had called my father few months back and he just wanted to get his home for recreation and we couldn’t find new home to move. So I prayed to Duke Bune to change my landlord’s mind and to give us time to find a better home. And it worked amazingly. I time to move as he said he doesn’t want us to move out. But I’m looking for new home to move in.
Pray it with honesty and real feelings

Thank you Duke Bune.

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune


Submitted By: Shameemah
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

Bune had always come through for me, and after not working with the Duke for many months, I decided to start working with the Duke again. I can say, I’m always impressed by Duke Bune and will tell people to work with the Duke.

48 hours was all the time needed for this great Duke to fulfill a task.
And once again I’m happy

Thank you my great Duke Bune