Bune amazez me and I’m so grateful

Submitted By: Shaz
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I continually work with Bune, so today, I’m writing with gratitude in my heart for all the opportunities that Bunes brought to my business. Promises are kept on both sides and I always look for better ways to communicate with Bune, I feel pulled towards him all the time and I don’t even have to have all the frills when I feel I want to communicate. I take a few drops of blood on the sigil and meditate the Enn, I feel great after with so much confidence.

My business is fast going to another level thanks to Duke Bune
All hail Duke Bune, all hail Duke Bune.

Holy what? IT WORKED!!

Submitted By: GoldFinch
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

I made a pact with Bune after 4 looonnnggg years stuck in a boring job with a boss who didn’t appreciate or acknowledge my work. I tried everything to get another job, including continuing to work very hard, applying for roles internally and applying for a massive amount of jobs externally. I figured that I was somehow being blocked because no matter what I tried nothing was coming to fruition.

A couple of months ago, I was drawn to Bune. I looked through old magical books and learned that she is also called Bime and can be a female. One night when I was almost asleep, I heard a female voice say “call me Bime”. From that point on, I researched Bune/Bime. I did the ritual from Gallery of Magicks books and one from Strategic Sorcery. After the rituals, I started to get a lot of calls from recruiters and was starting to get noticed internally. My boss finally gave her blessing for me to work on projects that would get my work acknowledged and I was offered a position with a major tech company in an area that I have strong interest but no prior experience.

Additionally the role that I was offered, pays 5 grand more than what I specifically asked for in my pact with Bune. She came through for me and will come through for you! Hail Bune!

Bune helps me get my job back in MINUTES!

Submitted By: Andrew
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

About two months ago I quit my job due to financial stability, but since then things have unexpectedly gone south for me and my SO. I left my work partially due to my health and back then everyone was very supportive of me at the workplace, suggesting I could come back anytime. That however, turned out to be.. false.

I had exchanged a couple of emails with my old co-worker, who said she will see if it would be possible for me to come back. Almost two weeks have passed since her last email and I started getting desperate. I tried emailing her a couple more time, but received no response whatsoever.

Not being able to return to my job and having my emails blatantly ignored I decided to ask Bune for help. I decided to simply draw the sigil on a piece of paper to later meditate on it.

I was sitting in front of my computer, having my gmail opened in one tab and Bune’s Enn Chanting video on YouTube in the other one. I started drawing at exactly 18:45, having the gmail tab show I have 1,301 unread emails. I really got into it and put all of my willpower and focus on the task of drawing this sigil while asking for Bune’s help on the matter. When I was getting close to being done with it, I took a peek at the tab, and it said I’ve got 1,302 unread emails this time!

At 18:48 (just three minutes later since getting started with my drawing!) I received an email from my coworker saying that all there’s left for me to do is to pass a drug test and get some papers done, which in total should take just a couple of days! Absolutely incredible. I could not have imagined Bune could be so generous and powerful! I absolutely recommend anyone to approach Bune if you are having issues with finding a job or struggle with finances in general!

amazing success

Submitted By: sea witch
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

Bune is truly remarkable! I have worked with Bune on more than one occasion now, and she has readily delivered and then some. I loosely adapted a few of the rituals I found through research and made them my own, so to speak. I try to keep my approach as respectful as possible, and she has worked incredibly on my behalf. The first time I suddenly found myself laid off right in the middle of the holidays, and within 24 hours of petitioning Bune I received a job offer at my dream job that I had interviewed at 8 months prior.

After starting the new job I received a raise within a month and a half. The second time I petitioned Bune I had quite unexpectedly lost my means of transportation and was in desperate need of a car. Within 2 days I was gifted a brand new car from a relative that I had long wanted. Both times I was completely in awe of the power of Bune. I chant her enn daily now and am more than happy to give her offerings as often as possible. Hail Bune!

Bune still strong at work

Submitted By: Shaz
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

Bune never stopped working since I started working with Him. I’ve never been without money and my business and good reputation is growing immensely. I always end my contract and start a fresh new contract with Bune. I offer fresh drops of my blood, I’ve never seen Bune, but I feel Bune. I can just sit and meditate on what I need and in a day or two, the money flows in. Bune is truly remarkable. I have no words to explain how truly satisfied I am with Bune’s work.

Just remember- when you promise to do something,do it,keep your word.have rituals that shows you respect Bune’s Office. Try to find out as much as possible about him so that you can do proper rituals. I believe that I am a powerful witch in my own right, I declare that and I am not afraid to manifest that which I want and to express my wishes to the Duke-without a demand, It is a good working relationship that is being built on mutual respect.

My rituals have become somewhat personal, so please forgive me if I do not spell it out, but have fresh roses, some rum,blood and good quality incense, trust the process and don’t do your ritual in a hurry, don’t do it out of desperation, calm yourself and do it at the appointed time. Know the ENN well and practice drawing the sigil.

Bune is great, more people should work with him. All hail Duke Bune.

It worked?

Submitted By: Anon
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

So i’ve been looking for a job for the past few months since I left school and i’d had no real luck, I’d heard about Bune by complete coincidence and found out they can help with stuff like this. I didn’t do a proper summoning ritual, I burned some sandalwood incense and offered some oranges, then I just meditated while looking at the sigil and visualizing me getting a job.

Nothing really happened for the first week but then a job popped up that I had previously missed applying for, I applied got an interview which i thought I’d failed and then that same day I got a job offer from them, I start on Monday XD.

I’m not sure if this is related but this morning I got a letter with £20 in it. I didn’t think it would work since i didn’t do a proper ritual but I don’t know how else to explain my recent luck, so thank you Bune.

Good Start

Submitted By: Hansen
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

On Monday I tried to contact Bune so that I could introduce myself. I also gave offerings of Rum, cake and fruit. Then on Friday I did a ritual and summoned Bune again yet with more offerings plus my request. Nearly a week later I received a refund from a loan company as they had over charged me. I’m really looking forward to working with Bune.

Thank you Bune.

I enjoyed what i did and will continud

Submitted By: JAY
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I started with the ritual, i had everything prepared. I had an offering of fruit and cake for Bune. After i was meditating i felt a rush of energy shoot throughout my body for about 10 seconds and then i opened my eyes and it went away.

I was sorta kinda scared-ish, being it was my first ritual. But not really. About after 2 minutes i was completely relaxed and had not one ounce of fear in me. I spoke to bune told him i had offerings and told him i would spread his name and write a story about it. I asked Bune to help me gain more wealth. I’m 19 and i wanted money to help me with moving out and starting my own life of success and wealth. I’d say maybe a day or few later i found out that i was getting my tax returns. I looked at the paper and tried to calculate how much i got back but i couldn’t tell for sure.

I had it set in my head how much i was getting back for taxes. But turned out i actually got DOUBLE and then some of what i expected on the tax returns. Thank you Bune. I have done 2 other rituals since then and will continue to do more! Hail Satan!


Submitted By: Tab07
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

4 months ago I made a Bune Sigil dressed it oil and wrote my petition on it. I actually drew the sigil by hand and it actually came out good. I also made 2 money dolls by hand and would place it over the sigil and meditate. I would repeat this method every other day. About 2 months later my partner started to get more hours on his job and since then to now 3 pay raises. The places we were living upgraded drastically. We always have abundance of food. We are so happy with the results. So I am here to tell you sometimes it doesn’t take elaborate or big spell ritual to get results. Just maintain your spiritual connection with Bune in a respectful manner. Also give your petitions time to work and give Bune time to work. I will be maintaining my relationship with Bune as a main practice. Thank you Bune for everything you have done. I am looking forward to building a stronger relationship with you.

Hail Duke Bune!!!

I serve and worship Bune!!!!

Bune is great

Submitted By: Shaz
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

So I started working with Bune in September 2018, and I can say that I’m very happy that I decided to work with this amazing spirit.
I ended my contract in January, but I’m still receiving opportunities for money.

Bune you are great… truly exceptional and I encourage people to work with Bune, keep your promise and you will see positive results.
All Hail Duke Bune.