Poem I wrote for Goddess Bime

Submitted By: Eeman
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I would like to share a poem I wrote for Goddess Bime.

Goddess Bime,

I adore you Goddess of the Golden Serpents. I adore you Goddess of the river nile. I adore you, Goddess of all of the treasures of earth and in the heavens. I welcomed your divine presence in my life not knowing what would unfold. I came to see within a matter of weeks answering your call would be one of the best decisions of my life, for before you I was a poor nobody walking through life empty and lost.

Your magic changed my life from mediocre to magnificent. At first the money came in, but in time it was spiritual lessons that took me from a neophyte to a hierophant. I praise your name and abilities to the world for they live in ignorance about who you truly are!

When I elevate you, I elevate myself. When I elevate myself, I elevate others too. This sacred journey that can transform lives and destinies.

You, Goddess Bime, are more luxurious than any earthly goods for you don’t age, don’t spoil, don’t expire, don’t break. You are invaluable.

Your spiritual guidance is transformational. Each initiation I took was worth the lessons involved. In time, I came to see your bounty is endless like the oceans and rivers you emanated from.

Your beauty is hypnotic, timeless and regal. Your movements like a swan gliding down the river.

I am ecstatic to be your loyal devotee in this life and the one to come. When I meditate, and reach states of Bliss, I feel as though it is you near me. Your inspiration comes down into my life and together we create beauty on Earth as one. You have the wisdom, I have the hands and together new creations of art take place in this earthly realm.

I open the gates for you Goddess Bime!

Hail Beautiful Bime
Hail Beautiful Bime
Hail Beautiful Bime

Got an excellent job in a matter of 20 days

Submitted By: Diego
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

This is the second part of the story I told here for the ritual I did on June 17th, which came up to be partially effective. My economic situation was being horrible, still is, I am a software developer and was looking for a job since the end of March. All of a sudden, after contacting Her, Bime (Bune) came up offering a hand, scheduling 2 interviews on 23th and 24th. I ended  up getting a 2nd interview for the one I had on 24th. On 28th I finally got the job. I started 1st July.

This is the way things started with Duchess Bime. However, I lasted something like 3 days on that job because the boss was an ~#@hole. Fine. So you may say, then what was all this about if you had to quit that job? Well, THE SAME day I quit that job I received a phone call from a third company for another interview. A big one, much better salary, much better place and an amazing career opportunity. This was on July 3rd – THE SAME DAY I QUIT! Got two more interviews with the same company, and I received the confirmation today that I am indeed hired.

Not enough proof? Today (23rd) I made a ritual to thank Her for this and asked for some new opportunities, some extra job to survive during August until I cash the 1st salary. Bingo. A customer I worked with came up offering new work, FOR THE WHOLE month and months to come in case I want it 🙂 I even have to decide how much time I want to work…

So what else can I say … This story is beyond words.

Wehl Melan AvageBune Tasa
Hail Duque Bune!
Hail Duchess Bime!

Forever in debt with you.

Thank you Bune!

Submitted By: Ansgar Rackmann
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

Great Success with Bune !!! Bune helped me out of some tight spots at my working place. She also granted my wife a new position in her company.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart ❤ Bune !!!


Submitted By: Thami
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

On 4th November 2018 I had been charged with GBH and Assault. Almost every day I was praying on-top of the mountains asking for Help from God.

A few days before my court case my mind tells me, why don’t you start to believe in Satan or demons? I do my research and after I decide to summon Bune…

…So final count down was on Friday but the Wednesday before, I called Bune to ask him to give me R2000 for the Fine if court sentenced me or help me to win a case. Friday morning comes and I go to Court.  Guess what my lawyer came to me to say? ‘Your case won’t proceed because the complainant doesn’t have witnesses’.

Yes indeed, the case closed. Thank you Bune.

fresh Money from a lazy client just a the time…

Submitted By: Entih ZAMBAH
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I wanted to thank Bune for the financial help, it was two weeks ago that I solicited, and I had no results right away but a customer who owed me money to react eventually just when I was in charge of my son on the shoulders, I hope that with time I will develop with him / her further relations to evolve spiritually.

Hail BUNE!!!!
I hope You are a Lady By the way, i’v had a vision a beautiful woman during a meditation…

Thanks Madam!

Income when needed and even extra

Submitted By: Calann
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I asked Bune for help in gaining income to pay for my childrens education and survive. I have since been recieving many extra bits of income that have helped get us out of debt and support my children. In thanks I have had Bunes sigil tattooed on my arm. I am forver grateful for the ongoing support Bune is giving me.

Bime came up with more than I even expected

Submitted By: Diego
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I can’t express enough my gratitude towards the benevolent duchess Bime, as she told me telephatically to call Her. Last Weekend 15-16th June my financial situation was terrible, to say the least. I am software developer, have no job at the moment, just random customers here and there and struggling economically since the end of April 2019. I worked with Clauneck and still do, and he put food on the table during whole May and part of June, but Bune came to me and decided to give it a try.

She was and still is amazingly providing. I arranged everything I needed for the ritual on Monday 17th. Some salt, some honey, an orange, and her sandal incense. Yellow and white candles, her Sigil and some blood on it. I wrote in a piece of paper that I needed $500 USD within 7 days to survive the rest of the month, including selling a guitar I have. And of course, getting a new job.

It’s not even 8 days since I did the ritual. I got half of the money I asked, from totally random sources I couldn’t expect, even my ex wife which she couldn’t hate me more, came up offering me money out of nothing and a ring for me to sell. And she did 10 minutes after having a personal fight, yelling at each other. Got 2 job interviews during 24th – 25th with a 99% success chance on each one. Not enough with this? A girl that I wanted so bad besides me, that said me ‘no’ last week, came up saying ‘yes’ this last monday. It’s a matter of time until I see her personally. I didn’t even have to ask Bune about her.

A new success story, when I get the rest of the money I asked and one of these jobs totally secured. Hail Bune, my wonderful, benevolent Duchess Bime!

– “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa”

Bune secured me financially and guided me spiritually

Submitted By: teeeweee
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

Helloo guys .This is a public praise to Bune:

Tl dr ; Bune is awesome , he guided me spiritually and secured me financially in a tough situation. I encourage everyone to work with him ❤

So five months ago I moved to the Uk to work me some money and make my first steps spiritually away from family issues.I gathered some oranges , cake , rum and asked Bune to help me achieve these goals. In return I would praise him online , properly bake him a cake and offer him oranges and rum again.

Well since day 1 here , there were so many things that could go wrong but everything smoothly fell in place. I dodged difficult situations and people, managed to find the ideal place to rent and got a good paying low skill job that allowed me to save decent money. Side story ; Last summer i went busking with my guitar for the first time , i totally loved it and made good bread. However I never thought of it as something I could do regularly in the city. So 2 months ago I happen to meet this guy at work that lives off of busking and he showed me a way to make it work as a legit side hustle.This revealed to me the possibility of making money doing something that I sincerely enjoy doing for the first time.

On the spiritual side of things I ve been meditating consistently for the first time in my life since april for 20′ every morning. I ve quit cigarettes after smoking heavy for 6 years and i’ve stopped eating meat which is something i planned on doing for a long time. I had my first experience with yoga which i really enjoyed and saw value in. I learned about journalling as a means of self discovery and got really eager about the Quareia course to get a foundation in magick. I am excited to go home , practice some songs and work on myself.

That’s all guys. I am flying in two days and i have a deep feeling of satisfaction and gratitude towards Bune for all that he did for me. I put in great effort but i wouldnt have made it on my own. This was my part of the promise and I encourage you all to work with him ❤

Surprise CC Limit Upgrade

Submitted By: L
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I regularly use the Bune chants on Youtube since last week. I also light up an orange candle at night for Bune to give my thanks or relay my request.

Yesterday, I received a text notifying me that my credit card limit has been increased.

Thank you Bune.

To The Day

Submitted By: Lorielle
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been working on a project off and on for over a year. I decided to call Bime (as She asked me to call her) on Friday, June 7th, to get the project in front of buyers. I asked her to deliver to me at least one buyer who would respond positively, regarding the project, and to have the client I did the project for to ask me to continue to work with him further. I set the date for seeing some results for Monday, June 10th.

On Monday, I was contacted by someone who directed me to contact their buyer. Within a few minutes of sending the potential buyer an email, he emailed me back and asked me to submit my material for consideration. The client also asked me to do further work with him, that will definitely take us well into next year.

Bime delivered to the day, what I asked of her. I am certain, the project will meet with future success as things progress.

Hail Bime!