The Duke continues, as do wee

Submitted By: Allison
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Months ago I had to go to the hospital for heart issues, and my partner had appealed to Duke Bune for aid. Since that time, we have maintained regular offerings as they agreed upon.

I had openly petitioned for a change in workplace, as my then current employer was toxic, hostile, and clearly going to be a dead end. During the time after my hospital stay, we received our stimulus money, purchased a new car that was practically thrown our way, and I have changed employers for less stress and much higher pay in a much more respectful environment.

The transition to the new work was sudden, but as I had commented to my partner I was unlikely to leave on my own as even though the place was horrid it was a known quantity. My arrangements with a former boss came through just as we bought our new car, and it all fell close to my birthday, whereupon several relatives have gifted me money this year.

It is and will be worth the work. We are keeping to our agreement, and it shows.

Duchess Bune Delivers

Submitted By: Ivy
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I contacted Duke/Duchess Bune out of desperation last week via a (rather simple) candle money spell. The connection was instant and I could feel their presence in the room with me. I am still working on developing my psychic senses so it is not often I see things in my mind’s eye but Bune appeared to me as a young, lively woman with a serpent-crown and was accompanied by a cobra. This was not what I read about Bune so I searched around to find people’s experience differed when it comes to the appearance of this particular entity (understandably). Yet, my experience was consistent with many others’. Since then I have been giving offerings to Bune out of adoration (things like my artwork, chocolate, sandalwood, etc.) and after 1 week Duchess Bune delivered. I was offered a job in the new installation of an old project which will enable me to earn the money I asked for and perhaps even more. I cannot thank Bune enough for the quick response and delivery. I chant her enn daily and sleep with her sigil under my pillow. I will continue to work with her and build a stronger relationship based on mutual trust. If you are considering working with Bune, do reach out.

Shows up

Submitted By: bella
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I have been working with for about 5 months now and I am constantly amazed by how if often she shows up to my rituals. Recently I have felt her presence so strongly and so vividly it’s been truly amazing. She constantly guides you and increasingly speaks through me. I am so thankful to habhave presence in my life because it is better all the time. Even when things are going wrong the situation finds itself almost dispersed and diffused.
My advice to any new followers is to trust her and be true. Be mindful of your decisions because you are being guided. So if something or someone is telling you to take a different path listen. Your path didn’t get you what you wanted so maybe its time to take a different path.
Take the time to learn and educate yourself about this Deity understand what they really do.

You will find yourself living a very different life to what you have always known. You start to find meaning and truth.

Hail Bune thank you !!!WEHLC MELAN AVAGE BUNE TASA


Thank you Duchess Bune

Submitted By: Kiara
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

Hi everyone,

I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to Duchess Bune. She has been so wonderful to me that I cannot express in words. Below is a brief about my experience.

I have been struggling with my career for the last 10 years. I get into jobs and situations that are extremely challenging and a lot of times even if the opportunity is good, I do not give my best because I took up the job half-heartedly (not having other choices).

My friend introduced me to Duchess Bune and asked me to pray to her to find a wonderful job where I have the ability to choose the job I want and achieve a lot of success and prosperity. Hence, I started praying to Bune about 3 months back. The number of miracles Bune has helped me with is hard to describe.

The thing I appreciate the most is since the time I started praying to her, she has helped me realize the blocks I have developed regarding my career over the last one decade. She has helped me realize that I am making wrong choices because of my own thought patterns; she is slowly giving me the courage to realize what I want and ask for it without guilt and hesitation. I’ve developed self-worth and self-esteem over these last 3 months.

I started to look out for jobs 2 months back. Bune has given me the opportunity to interview in multiple companies which I am truly grateful for. She also helped me break this karmic cycle of choosing the wrong job and instead has given me courage to choose the right job… I am so happy that I have a wonderful verbal job offer now.. I am awaiting for the process to be complete and I truly believe she will guide me on the right path.

Duchess Bune, thank you so much for not only offering me with a fantastic job, but also helping me approach the opportunity with a lot of courage and patience. I am extremely extremely grateful to you:)

Hail Duchess Bune!!!

Yours sincerely,

Be patient, grateful, and all is well.

Submitted By: Ox
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

I asked Bune for a much hiring paying job, for me to do less. About 4-6 months later I found a job. I only asked bune for $15 an hour, which is the jobs starting pay. Then I found out they have a system that allows you to make more and I started my first day making even more than $15 an hour and have been since. I have this job along with my old one STILL. Right as I was about to quit my old one, I basically got a raise!!! So I make even more money. Yes, it is true, more money, more problems. But I have been fine. I’m thankful for what Bune has done. I tried time and time again, and gave up because I saw no results. Once I gave up and stopped thinking about it, BOOM! Take your time, be patient, believe, but dont think or stress on it too much. It will come. Hail Bune!!


Submitted By: REY BUNER
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day


I need to apologize me with Bune, because I been so busy doing a lot of things, as result of her favors that those great things she’s been giving me to solve many situations through this last months.

This was what happen in October 2019.
First a quick view of the situation I had back those days.
– a very compromised economic situation
– just one customer of my business
– a house of my own trying to sell it since 4 years ago (because is located in a nice place but a difficult one to buy because of the location wasn’t as good enough to sell it wel and fast)
– a potential customer that said “I’m going to buy this house”, but the reality was the next day after he agree to buy the house, he backed out with his offer.

So, whit this background you can understand me very well, how was my situation back then. In that moment I felt a lot of sadness, angriness and disappointment.

This was very powerful trigger to me trying to find something that can help me,

In a very desperate situation like this one made me think in what kind of solution I can provide to me and the only thing that came to my mind was to learn, but to learn what? Ok, this is going to sound like cliche but some kind of thought full of energy filled my brain totally directing me towards a specific knowledge, what was that knowledge? Demons / Jins / Ancient Gods and yes I didn’t know nothing about it, but the feeling I sensed in my complete body told me: this is the right path for you.

Then I start to search for reliable information to learn more, so first of all after I read a lot from many different sources, I could identify my Demon and start to learn about BUNE.

The experience I had summoning BUNE was unique, beautiful and very focused, even the first night after I summon BUNE, she show me in dreams many interesting things confirming her presence with me.

At the next day, my phone start to ring with a customer calling to view the house, the same day he called me, he went to visit the house and the next day he confirm his intention to buy the house and so it was, and my income streams started to rise since then.

As you can realize this made me be very grateful with BUNE, and now I’m in love with her because of all favors she provides to me.

Even nowadays, I never stop to have BUNE in my mind and in my life, this is because many Friday’s I offer her some of the things she likes, as oranges, sandal and cinnamon perfumes, chocolate cakes, inciense, money, as a thank you and as a constantly reminder to my self of what BUNE did and do for me.

A lot of good things are coming to my way, thanks to BUNE’s love

I love you BUNE
Oscar R.

Thank you Bune

Submitted By: highpriestess
Bune Delivered within: 3 Months

I had asked the Duchess with help for my finances. Had asked her for a sum of $3000. Through totally unexpected ways the money came to me from many different areas and I got the $3000. She continues to help me by bringing me money from unexpected and new ways and I am deeply grateful to her for her love and compassion. I lead a totally stress free life and I am never concerned about money because my needs are always taken care of by Bune.

I thank the great Duchess and strongly suggest that anyone who needs help especially with finances contact her and work with her. She is very generous and helpful. Thank you Bune. I adore you.

Financial gain

Submitted By: Nanaren
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have severe depression and I was feeling the lowest of the low. I knew of bune a year ago and I did the ritual however I got scared and stopped it. I also didnt believe in her. A year later, I told myself that I would believe in duchess bune and asked for some help with my finance. After doing the ritual I won £20 in lottery and the next day, I won £5 and £2.50. It may not be a huge amount but just winning three times in a row is amazing. I am very grateful for duchess bune and I know there is more to come. I was going to submit my success story after some more big win but I decided I should share this and when I win big, I will share it again.

Hail bune! Whel melan avage bune tasa

Received US$1075 from Bune

Submitted By: Korsah Nyea
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I was desperate in need of money to complete my house roofing project so I asked Duke Bune to help me with us$1000 dollars and in a month a workmate of mine call me and give me $1000 and a close neighbor gave me $75 dollars so the total money received that day was $1075 . Now I have completed my house roofing project.

Thank Duke Bune

Much needed hope!

Submitted By: Lady M
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

This story is about my pact with Duchess Bune. I have personal goals of launching quite a few businesses all under one umbrella but for many years, I have tried with no success. I came to realize that I have some very deep rooted issues with my mindset when it comes to receiving money. I always expect the worst and that’s exactly what happens. But my mindset comes from years of being told that I cannot achieve my goals and that I cannot obtain the wealth and success that I desire. This stems from my childhood and has followed me into adulthood.

After some recent devastating events, I decided enough was enough and made a pact with Duchess Bune to start my journey to success. I expect my results to be slow and steady and I asked her to be gentle with me and help me overcome this negative belief pattern. Just a few days after I signed my pact, I have had 3 to 4 ideas about how to generate EASY money and so far one of these ideas is proving to be highly successful! This is something that I have worked towards for a couple years now, but I just didn’t see things from the right perspective. As requested, Duchess Bune has come into my mind and removed the blocks to help me see this money earning project from a slightly different angle and it has now become a reliable way to effortlessly make money every single day! I am extremely grateful and I can’t wait to experience more changes as I work with this wonderful spirit! Thank you so much Duchess Bune!! She comes to me in my mind with ideas and in my dreams with messages. The process is gentle and encouraging and has already been rewarding. If you are curious, I suggest you reach out with a genuine and kind open heart and work with Duchess/Duke Bune!