Surprise CC Limit Upgrade

Submitted By: L
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I regularly use the Bune chants on Youtube since last week. I also light up an orange candle at night for Bune to give my thanks or relay my request.

Yesterday, I received a text notifying me that my credit card limit has been increased.

Thank you Bune.

To The Day

Submitted By: Lorielle
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been working on a project off and on for over a year. I decided to call Bime (as She asked me to call her) on Friday, June 7th, to get the project in front of buyers. I asked her to deliver to me at least one buyer who would respond positively, regarding the project, and to have the client I did the project for to ask me to continue to work with him further. I set the date for seeing some results for Monday, June 10th.

On Monday, I was contacted by someone who directed me to contact their buyer. Within a few minutes of sending the potential buyer an email, he emailed me back and asked me to submit my material for consideration. The client also asked me to do further work with him, that will definitely take us well into next year.

Bime delivered to the day, what I asked of her. I am certain, the project will meet with future success as things progress.

Hail Bime!

Bune Nailed It Again

Submitted By: avalon2012
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I quit my job 3 months ago (March 15, 2019) because I was bored, not happy with where the company was headed, honestly tired of working with the team, as well as having a new manager who I didn’t gell with. I took 4 weeks off to camp, travel and visit family and then did an Evocation of Bune April 12 to find a well-paying job aligned with my True Will and that had a high degree of remote work. I gave Bune one month and felt she was working for me. I got nervous and did a follow up “Booster” Evocation April 26 as things hand not “Landed” yet, but these kinds of jobs can take some time.

During my second evocation, I saw the incense smoke swirl and knew she and her minions were working extra hard. Regardless of my nervousness, I had outreach from the company that eventually hired me within the initial one-month window I set for Bune. I was given an offer yesterday with exactly what I wanted (A job aligned with my career, True Will, high paying, great benefits, and tons of remote work). Its’ everything I asked for and more, and Bune found this position for me during the One Month window I initially set, even though it took a few more weeks to actually get the offer.

Bune has helped me 4 times in my career, and I’ve finally created an altar for her which I placed 3 bottles of wine on and promise to offer Oranges and her En once a month on Friday during the waxing moon. Bune is an awesome, helpful and powerful spirit that can help you materially manifest wealth and success aligned with your True Will. Thank You again, Bune!!!

First Steps

Submitted By: Caramel
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Hello, here is Caramel again …

My current job (as a teacher) remains a mess, I do not have a contract-defined routine, and my Mondays are usually very stressful. One of the things I recurrently ask Bune is that my life can be sweeter and smoother in every way (financial, work, stress, health). And I was taken care of yesterday! The day passed quickly and without major problems. I have also been more optimistic and studious in financial matters, as I have asked Bune as well. I started with offerings of perfume, incense, honey and drinks.

PS: I have a diary now that I write down everything I think is relevant, and in it with the stamp made of copper by myself. It is not perfect, but it is a first sign of my commitment to the relationship.

Peace of mind

Submitted By: Jking286
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I just ran into Bune on the net today, and to be honest, it was really tiring day. Started with a very rough morning, need to get something done immediately. The most annoying part of the day was waiting for my turn at the transport ministry office. I make a wish to her, to help me get over it faster, and to my surprise, I was out of the office earlier than i should.

Everything was smooth, and no problem. I don’t really know if its her or not but from having a very bad mood, all out of sudden I felt calm and happy. I know its not the exact things i hoped for, but I believe and trust her that he will eventually deliver whatever wish i have asked of her to assist me with.

I am looking forward to work more with her after this. Not much, just enough. And thank you Bune, you are so great

A taste of what’s to come

Submitted By: Caramel
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

I hate my current job. I graduated very young in an area with no high-income job market and no career plan (i’m a child teacher). I’m doing another graduation, in economics this time. I like the financial markets and since I started investing I decided to change my professional area. In researching these subjects, Out of the blue, I discovered goetia and duke Bune. I was never gotten by the religion or the supernatural, but I realized how wrong I was. The more I researched Bune my shares valued and I had several days off at work with pay and I even got a good scholarship in economics.

My life is rather monotonous, but these events have shown that something great can change. I will do the rituals, make sigils and offerings regularly from now on. Thanks mighty Duke Bune for showing your reach.

Bune Delivered within a few days

Submitted By: Ekate
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I’m writing with praise and gratitude for all the help Lord Bune (Bim) has given. I’m older and facing eviction and despair. I did the ritual (as described -candles, Enn, rum, Sigil – I did NOT use blood, etc.) on Friday morning in the hour of Venus May 10, 2019 (at sunrise). I saw and heard him during this ritual. He appeared in a military style cape as a mature man, soft-spoken, and very dignified. He was so kind and polite that I did not want him to depart. In return, I was very respectful, kind, and caring towards him.

I told him that I needed financial help and wisdom to survive my ordeal with eviction and poverty. I then asked him –what he would like of me. He told me it was important to him that I would publicly proclaim his generous and kind nature to others. I promised Bune that I would praise him openly and acknowledge his extreme generosity. Promises were kept on Both Sides. I’m writing this story in continuation of thanking and fulfilling my promise to Bune. I needed $10,000 to stop the landlord and pay my bills. I asked to receive money in a joyous manner with harm to none, including me –with blessings for all, so mote it be! Within 12 hours: Someone purchased a ring I had for sale on eBay for $500. I won $9 scratch-off lottery. Then, I won $8,888 on another scratch-off lottery. All within 24 hours! This is generosity, this is compassion, this is the POWER OF BUNE.

ALL HAIR TO LORD BUNE: the generous, the wise, the kind, and powerful

**I do not use blood. I do not sacrifice or harm animals. I’ve been a practitioner of Hekatean Witchcraft for over 30 years.

Slight Success

Submitted By: Gxd
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

I asked Bune to help me get a good paying job or make some type of money from my music. I received payment and it wasn’t all extreme, but even the little things count. At least I was given something rather than nothing. I am thankful for this and I advise you guys to try. Hail Bune!!!!

Dutchess Bune delivered

Submitted By: Starry Nite
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I was in financial hardship and after praying to God for a whole week or two, asking the Angels for help, looking at other sites and stories how the Angels hear us, God hears us, I did everything that I could visualise, felt it etc and then let it go but no help came, meanwhile my finance situation got to the stage where I just kept my head above water, paying what I could on bills and going without food except a loaf of sliced bread which I would toast and eat a couple of slices for dinner every night until the bread run out!!

This is no way to live I told myself!! I looked through the net for other ways, quick money spells etc then came across a site that had lots of stories from people with success with Demons, after a few days of looking and reading stories of success, I was a bit confused on which Demon to call upon. I read about Lord Claunek and Bune, being catholic religion all my life I was a bit wary about calling on a demon, then read that they’re fallen Angels and I believe we could all be Fallen Angels otherwise we’d all be in heaven and not return or be reborn into this earth without a good reason!

Anyway, I went to bed with a mindset that when I wake up I’ll know which one to evoke. In the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and as I did I heard in a female soft voice as if she was right next to me, Bune, being half sleepy I said thank you. The next morning I looked up on how to summon or evoke Bune, after a couple of weeks when no-one was home, I evoked Dutchess Bune the best I could and a few days later I received a customer, which is what I asked for, but I asked for a certain amount of money. This customer couldn’t pay what I wanted for the item she wanted me to make, but I accepted anyway because I knew that Dutchess Bune sent her to me. I was grateful and able to pay some outstanding bills and food.

When I finished the item, I said to Dutchess Bune out loud during the day on a Sunday morning, Thank you Dutchess Bune for sending that lady but you have not sent my original customer for the item I asked for a month ago! I accepted this client because you sent her to me, now I’m ready for the item I asked, thank you! Two days later I received an email from a client that wants the item I originally asked for, the customer was inquiring about this item but has not confirmed as yet that was on 6th May.

As I said Dutchess Bune delivered, I guess it’s still up to the customer, I have emailed the lady since, a couple of times, but she hasn’t replied. I also want to Thank Dutchess Bune publicly for delivering and helping me keep my head above water.

I will be doing another evocation tonight and offer the Dutchess an item she may really like and make a pact with her. Thank you Dutchess Bune, you delivered when nothing else worked, you helped me to regain my faith and belief that not all Demons are evil, they’re just misunderstood.

Hail Dutchess Bune forever.

Followed the Spell

Submitted By: Starry Nite
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

Last Friday night I performed the spell outlined on this site, it was 10.30pm, I set up my candles on a plastic box and placed a framed Egyptian picture covered with glass which has lots of green colours in it representing abundance and the colour of Bune.

I followed the ritual as stated, made a pact with the Dutchess and offered gold watch, some Chanel no5 perfume and a small glass of Irish Baileys. I visualised her sigil and I know that it got charged. I chanted her enn for at least 10 minutes or more then felt I had to stop. I made the petition and the pact, then closed the circle and left the candles burning for a little while, then folded the sigil and placed it under the green candle.

Before I went to bed I fanned the candle flames off with my hand, so as to not leave any candles alight throughout the night, and left the incense and offerings on the table/alter for 2x days.

I’m not sure if it worked or if Duchess Bune heard me, I didn’t feel her presence but i believe she would’ve heard me somehow. So far I have not received what i asked for, well, not fully anyway.

I had invoked Duchess Bune about one and a half months ago for the first time, for more business and she delivered within a week which is what I wanted but not the amount i expected, but i still accepted the customer and when i finished what the customer asked for, the very next day the Duchess delivered another customer to order what i originally asked for, but the customer said she’ll think about it and get back to me, I’ve emailed the customer since but have not had any reply from her. That was almost 3x weeks ago.

I was thinking of maybe invoking the Duchess again, I’m not sure if i should do that or wait longer. The thing is that i rely on this or other customers for work and am slowly drowning in bills.

I’m so worried and stressed about my financial situation this week whereas last two weeks i was still in financial hardship but not stressed! I just don’t know what to do anymore. i have a mortgage, bills piling up, minimum food, no other income!!

I’m still keeping up the faith and belief that Duchess Bune will deliver soon.