Hail Duke Bune

Submitted By: Stefan
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

So to begin I felt very drawn to Duke Bune and I kept seeing his name everywhere and people talking about him and so I started researching and learning how to contact him, I then summoned Duke Bune by chanting his enn and staring into his sigil on a piece of paper that I printed with some meditation music in the background, I gave offerings of oranges with honey on them and coins and a gold chain all beside the paper sigil, I then used a diabetic needle and pricked my finger giving Duke Bune my blood as an offering onto the paper, After chanting his enn I was able to feel his powerful presence in the room and that is when I started to ask him, I asked that he would give me a money blessing that will be random and unexpected and something that I will know for sure it was him who did it, 1 week later a few days before my birthday a family member randomly calls and sends me and my sibling $500 dollars as our birthday gift and this was very unexpected as this family member would usually give me and my sibling about $50-100 for our birthdays, this was all thanks to the great and powerful Duke Bune, I suggest everyone to work with him dont be scared as he is very friendly professional and he is one of the fastest demons to work with he brings amazing results extremely fast usually anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks max depending on what you request, also make sure to give blood offerings as this is like a guareented way of getting what you ask. Glory and Praise to Duke Bune in the highest form.

2nd time working with Bune

Submitted By: Foreigner
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

I opened a small business a few months ago. Although I expected some difficulties getting new clients, I had already a few clients that supposed to help me cover my expenses.

The problem: most of my clients left either because of a job lost, diminished income or injury. And, of course, I spent more money than expected on my business.

I already had got a loan and was getting new loans to cover the monthly expenses. So, I asked for money in November and the money came in a few days to cover the expenses.

I asked again in the first few days in January and I got a proposal from my former company in 2 or 3 days (they already had asked me to come back a few times, but we never agreed on terms, including home office only and some freedom in business hours). To my surprise they agreed and now I have some steady, albeit not big flow of money. I got new clients last month also. That helped.

I intend to work with him on a monthly basis. Maybe because I always looking to cover my monthly expenses, that’s how the clients are appearing to help, always to cover a month, a month and half of expenses.

Important Events

Submitted By: Divine
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

This is to express my highest gratitude to Duchess Bune.

I have 2 major important events thaf happened at the same date and same time, but at 2 different venue. I was forced to choose only one but I couldnt as both were soooo important to me. One was the National Band Competition representing our State, and another one was an education colloqium that would highly beneficial for my career portfolio.

I asked for Bune’s helps. I made offering consist of oranges, sandalwood incense/essential oil, and also others. I didnt chant her enn and made the sigil but everytime I enjoy a meal, I invited her to experience with me, as my spiritual awareness is high, I know Bune and I are one. I am connected with the Universe. Then i give thanks for I have received.

A day before the event started, a friend informed me that one of the date has been adjusted. The national education colloqium has been adjusted to delay a day from the date of the band competition. I am soooo grateful!! I know this must be the work of Bune. I got to do both events. Although I was very tired but the outcome came out greatly. Not only our band was crowned as the National champion represented our State, I got praised for my presentation too during the colloqium. I have achieved a lot. Wow.

Thank you Duchess Bune, I am grateful.

HAIL Duchess Bune!

All Hail Duchess Bune

Submitted By: Annie
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

After struggling for awhile and looking for direction, I stumbled upon a post which led me to start researching demonology. I was drawn to Duchess/Duke Bune and felt a calling almost instantly to start working with her. I was able to find many great business/monetary success stories but I also knew of her knowledge and experience with necromancy and helping one grow spiritually. Once I had done a sufficient amount of research I decided I was ready to write up a contract and perform a ritual.

I spent a couple days really deciphering what I wanted out of this and writing notes on what I would be asking of the duchess, why I would be asking, and what I was willing to do in return. I finally finished my written pact and presented it to duchess Bune after calling upon her. I was very pleased to find that duchess Bune had accepted my pact after going over it thoroughly with her. I was already super excited and optimistic because of the many success stories I had read.

What I didn’t know was just how generous and knowledgeable she would be. I have not had to go without or struggle since I began my pact with the great duchess Bune. I cannot thank her enough for all of her guidance, wisdom, and assistance. Within a day I had money flowing in to help me take care of everything that had been causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. There was no more worried feeling, I knew everything would finally be okay. While working with Bune, I also have learned so much about myself and the world around me. Bune has a way of humbling you and teaching you lessons while you receive the many benefits she offers. I love that she is always honest with me and constantly provides me with opportunities to grow not only financially, but also mentally. I’m only a couple months into my pact but I look forward to working with Bune for a very long time.

If you are thinking about doing a ritual to make contact for the first time and you are nervous like I was, I can genuinely assure you that Bune is a great choice and you will not regret working with her. She has a very warm, calming and intense presence, but you have nothing to be afraid of. She is kind, caring, and genuinely wants to help you reach any goals you have, especially if you are respectful and gracious. Bune loves offerings like blood, cinnamon, cigars, honey, oranges, and sandlewood incense, just to name a few. She always loves a cigar along with some spiced rum. As long as you are kind and respectful and show your gratitude, you are sure to be able to accomplish many goals and be gifted with anything you desire of Bune. I want to say thank you great duchess Bune! I do not know where I would be without you! I will continue to spread the word of how amazing you are.

All hail great duchess Bune! Thank you immensely for your outstanding kindness, generosity, and wisdom!

All Hail Great Duchess Bune

Submitted By: Chris
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

With life struggles coming in every direction, my girlfriend and I did some research and put together a plan to call upon Duchess Bune. We wrote up what we needed and what we were going to offer in return. We also built our alter and included small offerings. We called upon her that night and she didn’t let us down. The contract was mulled over, some changes were made, and it was accepted. By the next day, Duchess Bune had already been taking care if us. She delivered on our requests and we were extremely grateful. She has been there for us ever since and she is our guiding light. She will humble you and you’d better be prepared for that. However, as long as you are serious and ready to make a pact with her, she will always take care of your request and won’t let you down.


All Hail Great Duchess Bune

Financial Aid

Submitted By: Lucerne
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

One cold Oct evening I was preparing to summon Duke Bune for assistance on my financial issues (at the time I was very poor and really looking for a job). I went along with the summoning and ritual as intended with my offerings (Dark rum, oranges etc…) and asked the great Duke for assistance in my finances and or the possibility in my finding a job, after I had set the alter up for Bune and began with my regular daily activities (its good to let them work their magic by not thinking about what you asked for 24/7) things were going as normal, I was doing my part by looking for jobs online and around my city. After about 2 weeks of this I found a job that would interview me, and what I didn’t know was that this job would be one of the best jobs I have had in my whole life, easy money low effort.

All I have to say is thank you Duke Bune for all you have done for me, my debt is no more and I have been happily working this job for 3 months now, best thing that has happened to me for years. HAIL BUNE!


Submitted By: Halliwell
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Yesterday evening my husband and I requested to Duke Bune for his aid in Prosperity using the Wiccan approach.

Duke Bune made his presence known quickly. The feeling that came over me is indescribable.
We then made our short journey to the casino and without a doubt prosperity came easily and effortlessly to us.
We got exactly what was requested on both parts.

I hereby, write this as Testimony and for our Public declaration for this working with the Mighty Bune. We look forward to this new found relationship with His Greatness.

From a Skeptic to a Believer

Submitted By: James
Bune Delivered within: 3 Weeks

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical that such a simple ritual was capable of producing the results recounted on this site, but I was hardly disappointed with my attempt. I crafted Bune’s seal, lit an orange candle and some sandalwood incense, recited his enn while staring at the seal, then performed the Bune invocation from Sorcerer’s Secrets. I asked for a laundry list of items that I needed with an associated dollar amount that totaled around $1,000. The first item on my list was worth $200, and within the week a family member that was apparently going to send me a care package for St. Patrick’s day asked me if I just wanted money instead. About $200, specifically. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I was also given more hours than I normally am with my remote PT gig which resulted in a larger paycheck than normal. Finally, and although this may be unrelated since it’s only peripherally related to what I was asking for, I received an amazing opportunity to buy an awesome car for an exceptionally good price from a friend of the family to replace my current vehicle that I’m having recurrent issues with. I promised that upon the successful devliery of my request, I would provide more incense and another orange candle, an orange, some brandy, and publically praise his name and deeds. The last of which I’m honoring now. Hail Bune!


Submitted By: Thankful
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

After reading about Bune and calling for help with finances, I have seen improvement ever since. I asked for help increasing my pay to a decent salary and every month I have seen increase… most recently with a very generous amount. I’ve been keeping my faith and positivity, knowing my wishes are in the right hands and she has been delivering! I’m so thankful to Bune for all the work she has done so far. I can’t wait to come back and share more about the blessings and financial abundance she continues to bring into my life! I’m so grateful for Bune! Thank you! Thank you!

Hail Bune!

Mysterious and unexpected

Submitted By: Grateful
Bune Delivered within: 3 Days

I have been drawn to Bune for the last couple of years. However, my personal fears prevented me from reaching out to her.

Lately, I’ve found myself in a desperate situation. I fell and suffered two fractures in my right elbow. As someone who works with their hands, this was, and still is, devastating.

On Dec 23rd, I set my fears aside. I set the table with tea and honey and a glass of sparkling water. I chanted her enn 108X and just began talking to her like she was an old friend. I explained the situation I was in, how desperate I was, and that I needed help.

On Christmas Day, I received a text from one of my co-workers stating that he had a card with money in it for me. I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised because I did not expect anything. The extra money is helping me a great deal.

Thank you Duchess Bune. I am filled with gratitude.