Thank you Bune

Submitted By: highpriestess
Bune Delivered within: 1 Week

A friend of mine who lives in Asia was unable to find a job. Some problem or other was constantly cropping my preventing her from doing so. I sent her Duchess Bune’s enn and asked her to listen to it regularly and request her help.

I too requested the Duchess to help my friend. She got a job interview soon after this and got a really good job in spite of a lot of competition.

Thank you Duchess Bune for helping my friend and keeping up my trust in you.

Five figures payment

Submitted By: Aron
Bune Delivered within: 2 Weeks

Bune helped me to receive a five figures payment, and I wasn’t expecting that at all.
Bune changed my life!


Rent and New Job

Submitted By: Rofocale X
Bune Delivered within: 2 Days

Bune delivered on getting my rent paid for three months and also helping me land a job for excellent pay. Bune is amazing and definitely delivers! If you have been thinking of working with her, you are already connected.

Pact made around the same time my manager told me a great news

Submitted By: Alan
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

I love working in night shift in a hotel. This is where my introvert personality shines the most and pays extra. Although this is my requested shift, I have been occasionally been scheduled to do day shift. Hence I got Duke Bune’s portal via and his pact with him to be done at darkwitchbambi.

For the past one month or so, I have been chanting his enn while gazing at his sigil after I told him I want to be on permanent night shift. I also told him that to take his time with me as I know his time is precious. It was only last night that I received a message from that manager that I may have to work permanent night shift due to shortage of manpower. And it was also around this moment, my pact with Duke Bune was made.

Thank you, Duke Bune for your wondrous miracles!

Hail Duke Bune!

Rent money

Submitted By: G
Bune Delivered within: 2 Months

I didn’t believe in Bune for multiple reasons. Until my girlfriend changed my mind and myself having several dreams about him. And finally having a reading done about me and the person telling me, Bune likes me.

I believe he didn’t deliver earlier is because I didn’t specify the amount or another reason I don’t know. Once my contract ended I was stressing about rent and bills. And today it was a blessing, I’ve got enough for at least two months. Thank you Bune!

Visa is now approved

Submitted By: Kiara
Bune Delivered within: 1 Day

I’ve been writing about my experience with Duchess Bune very often on this portal.. She is truly wonderful. First, she helped me with a wonderful job with a wonderful pay. Now, she helped me with a successful visa transfer. Duchess Bune comes to my rescue whenever I make a sincere request.. Thank you Duchess Bune! Thank you Duchess Bune! Thank you Duchess Bune!

Many, many thanks to Duchess Bune!

Submitted By: C.E.
Bune Delivered within: Not specified

I felt drawn to Duchess Bune as I was working through childhood traumas. I made offerings to Duchess Bune and introduced myself, discussing the ways I was trying to grow personally + trying to help serve the world as best as I can. I was very anxious and felt like I wasn’t worthy of the gentle and patient presence I felt around me. Soon, though, Duchess Bune helped me learn how to make space for my feelings—how to fully feel difficult emotions so they can be released.

Duchess Bune helped me transform my whole life. I’ve released my childhood traumas, I have a new job that I love, my creativity has flourished, and I feel more secure in my life and more trusting of the people closest to me. I never thought I could feel so happy and at peace with myself.

A little story for anyone living with trauma/mental illnesses/etc., and are worried about whether you’re good enough: I used to be very anxious that my offerings weren’t good enough, or that I would disappoint Duchess Bune. One night, as I was working through a particularly difficult trauma and was feeling frightened and unworthy. Duchess Bune suggested that I offer them the commitment of brushing my teeth twice a day—something I struggled with in my darkest moments. I felt like I was surely misunderstanding something—wasn’t the point to be doing something that benefitted them? The response I felt was that the “offering” of being dedicated to taking care of myself shows that I’m committed to following Duchess Bune’s guidance so I can heal from many years of suffering, and so we can spread the most healing in the world. I’m incredibly fulfilled in my practice and am incredibly grateful for how much I’ve grown with the guidance of Duchess Bune.

Hail Duchess Bune! 🧡🏵🧡


Submitted By: T.C
Bune Delivered within: Few hours or less

Duchess Bune came to me right after Lord Ronove left me because i failed to do ask he asked and since then Lady Bune has been taken me under Her wing. I am a long time experienced satanist so miracles and wonders are a daily normal but here is what happend just today.

It is morning and i has 10 euros, enough to buy a redbull and a coffee but Lady Bune told me that she wants a rose for her. At first I hesitated as tomorrow, Friday, is the day I dedicate to her and what would i do tomorrow if today i buy roses but i went and bought a nice rose for her and there went my coffee money. I dedicated it with love as i always do.

It took about 5 hours untill i woke up after a midday sleep and all my guest were away so i was able to go to where there are money and take 350 without any consequesnce, not stealing.. it is just that i woke up in the perfect moment and exactly when i went out the guests were back. Not stealing.
For example : i had a bad day two weeks ago and it was 12 in the noon and i had to stay awake untill next day at 6 am so i prayed to Lord Seer to make time go faster and in 2 hours i found an old envelope with 1200 euros in it that i didn t knew it was there. Lord Seer made time go faster, Lady Bune provided the neccesary for it to happend.

She is so loving and caring

Love you Great Duchess.
Thank you !

Hail Lucifer !

Requesting Bune to help with my visa approval

Submitted By: Kiara
Bune Delivered within: 1 Month

Duchess Bune helped me find a miraculous job that I’d been waiting for the last few years.. I got this job in all of 2 months.. This was in February 2021. I was offered a very very good salary compensation too!! I now have a very good job offer and a very salary, all thanks for Duchess Bune! I now am looking to join my new company however my work permit is stuck, but I truly believe Duchess Bune with help me get through this as quickly as possible. I thank Duchess Bune for supporting me and offering me the right guidance and support though these difficult times.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Bune delivers new home and more

Submitted By: N. Valdivar
Bune Delivered within: 6 Months

Praise and thanks to Duchess Bune. She has delivered on my request and has helped me to purchase the right home in the right area for the right price. She has inspired financial decisions in me that made it possible and it continuing to teach me about wealth building and finance.

I look forward to continuing my work with her in the realm of business and commerce.

Praise and thanks to Duchess Bune! She is a great spirit and very honorable.